Elite international tower & president of the @cubcsquad @lancetredell cane down to our studio & served up the type of meal he has the night before a race – stuffed chicken with sweet potato mash & vegetables • get the recipe on our website (link in bio) • • • • •
Love seeing my clients nailing their food prep 🥗 Great nutrition is the key to great progress 💯 @sammi_h86_ making the effort with her diet and the results speak for themselves 👏🏻 ————————————————————— 🔐 Unlock Your Potential 🔐 ————————————————————— ⭐️ Powell Fitness Personal Training ⭐️ ————————————————————— 💻 Online Training 💻 💪🏻 Bulk Plans 💪🏻 ✂️ Shred Plans ✂️ 🍏 Nutrition 🍏 📝 Custom Plans 📝 🏋🏻‍♂️ Personal Training 🏋🏻‍♂️ ————————————————————— #teampowell
Positive message for Thursday 😊 I really don’t like when people are talking about diets….just eat food, find a way to love food and not looking at it as an enemy or solely as a necessity. There are always healthier options which are tasty and filling and it just makes day so much better 🌞 What did you have for breakfast today? . . . . . #thursdaymotivation
Seasoning with a blanket of sea salt on a fresh wild caught!!!.. Cruising in style!!!… Taking no prisoners!!!.., Keep it simple….love it natural… know your source…… Organic living, are u ready???…. How about the perfect souls in your foodssss…….soul food….. #healthyfood #lifestyle
Our favorite bed and breakfast creations 4 champions!!!… Mother Nature unleashing her powers! The ultimate breakfast, from the raw earth… shredded coconuts, coconut milk, Beans, pumpkin seeds, blue berry, sweet potatoe, banana and a generous amount of ground cinnamon…. Ready for take off…. Beauty in simplicity! Eat ur ❤️ out!!!!…. Keep it simple….love it natural… know your source…… Organic living, are u ready???…. How about the perfect souls in your foodssss…….soul food….. #tasty #healthyfood #starbucks
Dinner tonight. Having a bit of a cheat with corn chips 💕 nachos! Mince with onion, chilli, jalapeño, garlic, tomato and secret nacho seasoning. Home made guacamole 🥑 and sour cream. My mince vs the man’s mince haha. Have had a wicked migraine all day so looking forward to this & then bed 🛏 Delicious 💕✌🏽🌱 #befit #fat2fit
========================= If you want to get involved with anything I do class wise, Any training questions you have, Any enqueries around booking 1:1, Online coaching, Small group training sessions or if you’re a gym/facility looking to book me to teach a class — feel free to get in touch via dm or leehinds.pt@gmail.com 😁💪🚴 ========================= #dedication Ll #positivity
Morgon! Samma procedur varje dag. Kaffe och Nyhetsmorgon. Gått ner – 1.8kg/3.96lb sedan i måndags. Snart nere igen efter förra veckans eskapader. Kom igen nu kropp och psyke!! Håll denna takt nu. Och inga fakking avsteg! Vet det vankas tårta till helgen, men kommer ta med mig substitut. 💪💪💪💪 ågkolhydratkost  
In a society where occasions are celebrated with food it is hard not to get caught up in the festivities and feel as though it is the main event. Let the interactions with others, socialization, and quality time be the focus. It will fuel your soul while healthy food will fuel your body. ❤️ #winning #mom
Sometimes in life you have to stop and smell the roses. So it’s a St. Ides kind of night. Complimented with a lil bit of O.J. and the Senegalese dish Chepuyap (made with beef) slightly different from Chepugen (made with fish) courtesy of my Godmother who obviously loves me lol real talk 1 million. With mad mad hot sauce. You already know. 💓🙏 #cosmicuru16 #2018 #fromstarvation
• | 13 REASONS HOW WARM DRINKS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE – NO.6 | • ✨Today’s pick: Emperor’s Cloud & Mist Green Tea from TEAVANA ✨ 💁🏻‍♀️Tips: Best 🕙 to drink green tea 🍵 is between 11am-1pm, it’ll help bring down your heart fire 🔥 and calms your mind🌾 . . . NO. 6️⃣ Good complexion! 💆🏻‍♀️~ Your face is a signal board of your body. It is simple to understand that good body circulation and metabolism will brighten your face 🌝✨and give you a nice lustrous skin without spending a cent! 🌸Get rid of the coldness in your body will make you healthier, and naturally promote your body circulation 💋💄(save you money on concealer and blushes!). . . . [...]
The Best Way To Prepare Pumpkin Puree Do you want to make delicious pumpkin puree but are not sure where to start? Many people struggle to “get it right” so we’ve put together these methods that will get you the best results making pumpkin pure .. #goodfood
How To Go About A Basic Cleanse Your body is your possession and keeping it healthy and clean from inside out is your responsibility. Detoxification and cleansing of the body is essential for being in the vibrant health and there are many options available for you to choose which help in the process of detoxification. The majority prefers a natural detox cleanse to focus more on wellness and health instead of j .. #foods
⛄🌞🍲 Its that part of the year 😅 When we get some sunny skies and many cold days… But honestly, all this means to me is salad prices blow me over 😰 Seriously. I’m not paying $7 for a bag of leaves that will last me 2-3 meals (and don’t even make the whole salad!) So created this salad a while ago, and it’s still a staple Grated beets, carrot and lightly steamed silverbeet. Add some balsamic vinegar and chilli sauce (or just the vinegar 😅), bedazzle with some pepper. BOOM. Salad.😍 Try it out! …. #love
Não sacrifique aquilo que vc tem de mais valioso por absolutamente nada que seja trivial. A sua paz não pode ser comparada por dinheiro algum nesse mundo, portanto, quando for tomar uma decisão em sua vida, análise primeiro se aquilo lhe trará paz.Nao existe sentimento melhor do que colocar a cabeça no travesseiro e dormir.Nao há nada que se compare a sua alma leve. Porque nessa vida nada se leva , apenas a paz., #musculação #comersemculpa #vidafitness #vidasaudavel ção #equilíbrio #geraçãosaude úde #foconadieta # #saúde girlswholift #fitspo
Você sabia que é normal se sentir inchada no fim do dia? Eu tenho o problema de ter a digestão muito lenta, por isso no entardecer percebo que já estou inchada. Tudo que ingerimos durante um dia, leva tempo e passa por processos no nosso corpo para ser digerido e absorvido. Com isso podem se criar gases, retenção de líquidos e etc. que fazem com que a gente sinta o inchaço e diferença ao longo do dia! #bodywork
These tomato plants are getting too big for their pots and need to find a new home. Your garden sounds like the perfect place! Don’t have one yet? Homefront Farmers can build the one of your dreams. From the design, to the construction, through to maintenance, we’re here to help every step of the way! #landscapeideas
🔥🔥61 kg => 49 kg 🔥🔥Ma transformation 12 kg de perdus www.amandabizfitness.com . . ✅My transformation – 26 lbs www.amandabizfitness.com🔥🔥 . . 🇫🇷🌸J’ai plutôt tendance à stocker au niveau de mes fesses, des jambes et un peu sur le ventre. En apprenant à mieux manger, en comprenant mes besoins et en faisant du sport correctement. . J’ai réussi à avoir le corps que je voulais. Je ne dis pas que d’avoir plus de kilos n’est pas bien mais il faut savoir trouver son équilibre et se sentir bien dans sa peau et surtout en bonne santé.🌸 . . 🇺🇸🌸I take fat on my buttocks, legs and a little on the stomach. By learning to eat better, understanding my needs and [...]
Este sábado es de sabrosura en Station House, como invitado especial el Dj Ciciño prendiendo la rumba y el buen ambiente que tenemos para ustedes, licores disponibles, cocina abierta hasta la 1 am, parqueo gratis, info y reservas al 📲908 355 16 46 🎵🎙🎚🎶🍻🍲 . . . . . . #partynigth
All hospitals should do this! The yucky processed food I got in the hospital wasn’t even appetizing to look at. * * * #repost @midlife_awakening with @get_repost ・・・ Regrann from @alkaline_vegan_news – The menu is made up of fresh vegetables, fruits and grains — no animal meat whatsoever. “We respect the dietary needs of our community and we are delighted to be offering a menu option to cater to our vegan and vegetarian patients.,” says Tara McCoy chief executive officer at Good Samaritan Medical Center. “Plant-based diets can increase levels of short-chain fatty acids in the gut, and research suggests that may lower the risk of heart disease, inflammatory diseases and Type 2 diabetes.” Good Samaritan is the first hospital [...]
Chilli Tofu 🌶 (A #chillipaneer alternative) We’ve done a lot of experimenting with #tofu, because it’s just so good for you! So we wanted to find the perfect way of cooking it so it tastes yummy! – _ _ _ Finally found the best way of cooking it! 1️⃣drain your tofu 2️⃣add some weight on top of it to drain our excess water (leave for 15/20 mins) 3️⃣cut to your preference 4️⃣add your spices 5️⃣bake in oven until deliciously crisp 😋 _ _ #quickrecipes
I have a horrible sweet tooth problem after luch all the time!! So I try to make my own trail mix to avoid eating the wrong things, it works like a snack o small dessert, I’m super picky with my trail mixes I dont do the sweet and salty combo, its either one or the other. Also, this way, not only its fresher and cheeper than the pakaged brands, but I can control portions and ingredients, like a mix with more fiber or less fat. . This mix has: Prunes, dried cranberries, almond slices and peanuts. But you can get super creative with this and add whatever you like. 🥜🌰🍇🍒🥜🌰🍊🍋 . . . . .
Quer ganhar 1⃣ dia de combo Dietas Delivery ➕ 1⃣ uma avaliação de bioimpedância com a Nutricionista Carina Brandão na Clínica Healthy Dermatologia❓😱🍴💚🎰👩🏼‍⚕😍 . Basta apenas participar do sorteio e seguir as seguintes regrinhas: 1⃣ Curtir essa foto ☝🏻 2⃣ Seguir a @dietasdelivery 3⃣ Seguir a @nut.carinabrandao 4⃣ Seguir a @healthyestetica 5⃣…e último marcar 4 amigos nos comentários Comente quantas vezes quiser, marcando os 4 amigos diferentes e é só torcer 🤞🏻 O sorteio acontecerá no dia 06/08 ao vivo no IG 😉
I post stuff like this when Im impressed as fuck. This is 9 months of grinding for this man here and we are now 12 weeks out from his show not 10 like I said in the story. Many things can be done when one is dedicated and willing to push… yet we have so many cards to play on when offseason starts again! As you can see he is still eating 450g carbs on trainig days and just a bit less on rest days and he is getting pretty flat so we need to refeed him weekly. People like him deserve to be on the top… people who put in all they have and push it yearround not those [...]
Anniversary dinner ❤️ 3 x pieces of garlic bread 2 x prawns 3 x pieces of chicken 1 x sirloin steak Baby mushrooms 4 x chips (I sent them away) 4 x mouthfuls of brownie I had 777 calories in the bank and I’ve 100% gone over, but it’s worth it and I’ve been bang on ALL DAY! back on it tomorrow ❤️☝🏼 4like #foodideas #12weekcountdown
*The concept that you need to continually test or “shock” your body with new exercises should not be your main concern *Your body will grow by hitting it with progressively more volume over time, known as “progressive overload” *You are better off picking a few exercises per body part, and becoming an expert at those moves. You can only really progress at an exercise when you are efficient at performing it *It also makes your workouts much harder to track if they vary wildly *Exercises can be changed between training blocks/cycles if required, but these usually last weeks, if not months . For personal training enquiries, please send me a direct message. .
Prawns pack a high lean protein punch. I love curry I love prawns…..if you do. Try out this curried prawns on Sweet Jacket Potato. 160g Prawns (ready to eat) 300g Sweet Potato Garam Masala Cumin Chilli Powder Red onion 200g chopped tomatoes 100g full fat Greek Yoghurt Whilst you zap potato in microwave for 8mins (approx). You can wok everything else together by the time your tatties are ready! Pile it all on top. So easy, So tasty. Enjoy!! Remember adjust quantities to match your calorie goals. 😁😁😁 #protein
Doesn’t get much better than that! Olivelle’s Sicilian Lemon and Tahitian Lime infused olive oils are a great compliment to meat, chicken, and seafood this grilling season. Repost @runnermomwells (@get_repost) ・・・ grill season is the BEST season!! marinaded in lemon and lime olive oil from @olivellefinefoods! yum!
MRE LITE @redcon1 🚨 AVAILABLE HERE AT #thekingofsupplements 👑 DELICIOUS 😋 FLAVORS AVAILABLE – OATMEAL CHOCOLATE CHIP – BLUEBERRY COBBLER – BANANA NUT BREAD Whole food meal replacement, MRE is now available in lower calories. MRE Lite contains no whey protein allowing for easy digestion. Instead, you’ll get beef, salmon, egg, and chicken protein. Plus, the healthy benefits of brown rice protein, pea protein, and MCT oil. Each serving is just 134 calories with 24g of protein and just 2g of sugar. No Whey Protein Just 2g of Sugar per serving Lactose Free Mixes easily without a blender Keto friendly _ #blessed🙏 #redcon1 #redcon1official
🚨GUY/GIRL OPPORTUNITY🚨 If you would like to get paid for living a healthy, active lifestyle: while sharing your journey on social media leave a comment or DM to apply and receive more information. You do not need to be in the perfect shape or have a degree in nutrition; YOU must be ambitious, willing to make a difference in your own life and passionate for helping others. No experience needed as all training and support will be provided for free. Potential to earn part time or full time income, the income will be a reflection of your own hard work, drive and commitment. Please comment or send a direct message if you would like to apply and receive more information. [...]