This is a really great comedy. I had tears in my at many moments from how fucking funny it was. The milking scene…THE MILKING SCENCE!! That was so great. You’d think this would be an average comedy with recycled jokes, but oh my god, that cant be far from the truth. Sure a few cheesy scenes and jokes/cliches, but really few and far between. Neighbors [2014]: ★★★★½☆ 🎬@watchinmovies
This was a great movie. “Beware of language” What a message of empowerment. We should never tolerate disrespect in a relationship and never believe that we deserve less than the very best for ourselves. It was funny, hilarious, and crude, but it made me realize the value of good friends and that’s it’s ok to say enough…. #singleandhappy
Urge Garden Bros. Circus to End All Cruel Animal Acts! A former Garden Bros. employee recently described frequently seeing elephants with blood dripping from behind their ears and reported that the Carson & Barnes trainer who toured with this circus last year would “warm up” the elephants by jabbing them with a bullhook or shocking them with a Taser. The whistleblower also reported that a camel used by Garden Bros. was kicked and punched and that other camels were whipped. Another whistleblower reported earlier that Zachary Garden, the manager of Garden Bros., habitually beat animals, withheld food from them, and refused to provide injured and dying ones with adequate veterinary care. . The circus just launched an animal-free unit called [...]
Hoje é o dia Internacional da Mulher Negra Brasileira, Latino Americana e Caribenha e também o dia da Tereza de Benguela. Tereza de Benguela foi uma líder quilombola do Mato Grosso que viveu e resistiu à escravidão durante o século 18. E para comemorar em grande estilo, entrevistamos a jornalista Flávia Oliveira. Também falaremos com outras duas mulheres incríveis: Mãe Meninazinha e Tia Maria da Grota. Tudo para a nossa série documental, “Sankofa: a África que te habita”, em parceria com o canal @primeboxbraziloficial. #fblcriaçãoeprodução ça #documentario
Documentário “Ingmar Bergman 100 anos” de Jane Magnusson é um filme obrigatório aos fans do diretor sueco e aos admiradores da sétima arte. Bergman é um dos diretores mais aclamados da história do cinema e tornou-se um ícone. De temperamento difícil, obteve reconhecimento e fama ainda em vida sendo idolatrado tanto na Suécia quanto internacionalmente. Além de cinema, dirigiu peças teatrais e filmes para TV. Ele inspirou-se na própria vida e vestiu-se em seus personagens. Em seus filmes expõe sua busca existencial e aborda temas relacionados a mortalidade, solidão e fé. Seus filmes Persona, Monika e o Desejo, Sétimo Selo, Através de um Espelho, Morangos Silvestres e tantos outros são considerados obras-primas. #bergman100anos #bergman100år #bergman100 #filmedocumentario @vamos_ao_cinema_juntos @canal_aberto @guiafolha @guiaoff [...]
The Princess Bride is a film directed by Rob Reiner that tells the story of a young man on a quest to reunite with his true love through a kingdom of many dangerous adversaries and quests. EthMan’s Review: The Princess Bride spices up a typical fairy tale music with wonderful characters, dialogue and acting as well as fantastic direction from Rob Reiner that holds it in a special place in the hearts of movie critics and fans alike everywhere. Rating: A – recommended by @haley.bogdan 👍 #robreiner
Another little mood piece inspiration for our new sci fi film project. We are slowly gathering pace and with a very cool team – we don’t sail this ocean alone! We are aiming for a cinema release with some very talented actors. Exciting times ahead – we can’t wait! Let’s make a movie… #moresooon 🎬🇩🇰🛸☄️🙏✨
Siamo nel pieno dell’estate, quella stagione nella quale i giorni non hanno distinzioni e sembra sempre domenica. Quindi si va al mare (chi può ovviamente) e si pensa sempre alla barzelletta d’esordio di @persiav . Quella sera ci ha riscaldati nella fresca serata del Parco e noi ancora abbiamo le lacrime agli occhi per le risate che ci ha regalato. È proprio vero che ridere fa bene alla salute. Voi c’eravate? Ph: Pasquale Cimino. 🎬🎥📷📹 #reff2018 #react2018 #vip
New Poster For Netflix Series Narcos Narcos is an American crime drama web television series created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. Set and filmed in Colombia, seasons one and two are based on the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine, while also focusing on Escobar’s interactions with drug lords, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents, and various opposition entities. Season three picks up after the fall of Escobar and continues to follow the DEA as they go up against the rise of the infamous Cali Cartel. ➖ Image source: Description source: Narcos/ Wikipedia ➖ #mexico mexicocity #pabloescobar
Summering av veckan som varit… Högt tryck o ansträngt läge, alla underbara kollegor kämpar på så gott det går, bjuder på diverse tilltugg som uppskattas, agerar filmstjärna där jag tar upp vår roll och vad som händer kring den rådande situationen med alla bränder runtom! Intensiv men så härligt på samma gång! Mina kollegor = hjältar 😍🆘❤️🙏🏽 #2018 #youcandoit #112 #drömjobb #motivation
Today – AMG Ent & Euphoria Night Club Present: ‼️DOMINGO D’Flow‼️ 🔥🔥Directamente desde la cuidad que no duerme🗽🗽New York 🗽🗽en los #domingosdeflow @djdelio15 🔥🔥Viene otra movieeeee 🎥🎥🎥🍿🍿🍿 ESPECIALES (5pm-8pm) ▪2x$300 Gold Label ▪$88 Bottles ▪$15 Cubetazos ▪$15 Charcoal Hookah @mannyhookahmd @hookahkingzzz ▪Entrada GRATIS ▪Food available 🍗🥟🥘 @debradyfritura25 ▪RSVP: 443.554.6123 or 240.441.3579 🎶Music by: @djdelio15 @deejayletrero @deejaylaopikete @deejay_lilchris 📍Euphoria Nightclub 1301 Ponca Street Baltimore, MD 21224 @amgentertainment @goldfloww @santiago_mazara @euphoriaclub @lamasbella430 @isaac_euphoria1 @dannyvips @iamlmp @lmpsouth #combodelos15
The First Purge Never before has a purge movie caught my attention enough to actually get me to go see it. I’m not a big fan violence for the sake of violence, gore fests, so really the only reason I went to go see it was because I wanted finally get the answer to the age old question, how the heck are people okay with this?? To be honest, I was really pleasantly surprised. The worst part of this movie is definitely the crazy people. The “Skelator” character freaking sucks. It kinda ruins the purpose of this film to have some people already being insane torture murderers. The good/interesting part of this movie is how the different types of people [...]
Hi genfierss!!! Kalian tau gasiii film yg satu ini?? Nah ini adalah Lewat Djam Malam (Internasional: After the Curfew) yang mana film Indonesia yang diproduksi tahun 1954. Film ini menceritakan kisah ketika Indonesiabaru saja memproklamasikan kemerdekaannya dari penjajahan Belanda. Pada masa itu, tentara masih berusaha menguasai keadaan dan menyelenggarakan jam malam di Kota Bandung. Lewat Djam Malam juga menarik dilihat sebagai dokumen sejarah, terutama apabila dilihat dari titik berdiri kita sekarang. Upaya restorasi yang dilakukan ternyata tidak hanya menjaga warisan budaya visual kita, tetapi  lebih dari itu. Ini adalah upaya pelestarian ingatan sejarah, sesuatu yang diangan-angankan Usmar Ismail agar film ini menjadi sumber pengetahuan agar kita mampu menghargai bekas pejuang.
😈Remeras sublimadas en blanco, gris o blanco con negro😈 👻$250👻 ☠☠Talles disponibles S, M, L, XL, XXL☠☠ 👽👽Entregas sin cargo Capital Federal y estaciones del tren Roca. Bs As. Consultá por otro puntos de entrega👽👽 👾👾Tamaño de estampa hoja A4👾👾 . . ño #gigante
A veces nos damos un permitido y nos miramos el Rey León ❤❤ y Bauti feliz 😁 Ya se que la recomendación es nada de pantallas hasta los 18 meses 😲 pero un ratito de tele y más con estos días de frio donde no podemos salir a ningún lado, no le hace mal a nadie o por lo menos es lo que pensamos en esta casa. Malos padres? No! Mamá y papá reales!! 🤔 Y ahora me pregunto que tiene está peli que lo atrapa tanto?? Esa cara la pone cada vez que ve a Mufasa jaja!!! Lo ama!! Quien sabe porqué?? Buen finde para todos ❤❤ 👉Ustedes tienen algún permitido de malo padres?? jaja!! #mom
Local 46 Lather Royalty Daredevils Patches aka George Clooney Jr & Black Beauty Music Playing- Dave East feat Juelz Santana- Time Ticking 46 #local46lather #chakra #adventure #newyorkcity When you have 2 Local 46 Lather Phenomenons, how can you not feel the Nirvana. Local 46 is like a Learning School for Extraordinary Individuals, Fearless and Courageous, with Willpower of Seraphim and Cherubim or Greeks & Roman’s would say Titans. I Respect every Lather that goes out every single day & Deals with the Extreme Conditions we go thru and still Produce at a Phenomenal pace. Its Levels to being a Local 46 Lather. Some take their job as just a job, An the Special Ones take it as a Career and [...]
Special Ladies……You matter and don’t let where tell you different…. Self—check you!! Don’t walk by a mirror and don’t look in it!!!! Make that mirror talk to you and tell yourself I’m straight beautiful… awesome!!!!!! Wonderful…I adore me…I love me!!! (Keke do u luv me) lol….I’m self-assured!! I’m the!!!!!! I’m a bag of chips, salsa and dip!!! Ladies are you wit me!!! Stop settling for garbage bags when you’re a Gucci..fendi and so much more!!!!!! Rock it girl cause you can!!!!!!! 🎬🎥 #actorespañol #friyay🎉 #friyay🙌
Out 1 (Jacques Rivette, 1971) One of the most famous (Or perhaps infamous) Avant-Garde Films the medium has ever produced. Originally produced for television in 8 feature length parts, French New Wave Director’s 12 hour experimental epic is one of film’s most challenging experiences, initially telling the dual narratives of two theatre groups adapting plays by the Greek playwright Aeschylus, only for it to splinter off into numerous directions and delving into secret societies, unseen orchestrators manipulating events from behind the scenes, and chance encounters between each of the film’s numerous players. Watching it is such a unique, almost hallucinatory experience, as Rivette’s carefully orchestrated world gradually unravels into a place where people can talk backwards, and the very existence [...]
July 28th Come Meet The Dopest Publicist In Philadelphia and the Surrounding Areas Mr. @houseoftalentpa and Also Meet , Eric Garner’s Mom @ggenyc and Tamir Rice Mom @sam_the_voice , Sandra Blands Mom For the Sneak Peek of Jason’s Letter ( They are both actresses in the Film) May God continue to bless these amazing women !!! ———————————————- This is a based on actual events Get your tickets Draught Horse Pub and Grill doors open at 7:30 pm 1321 Cecile B Moore Contact me for tickets! ———————————————— Come Meet The Beautiful Queen @claudiajordan and The Dope @therealpaulanthony as they Host the Sneak Peek of Jason’s Letter ・・・ @jamol_manigault played the Lead actor as Jason a kid that wrote a letter to [...]
#alohafriday Oahu, are you ready for premiere of Running for Grace (RFG)? Big Island had their big opening in traditional Hawaii red carpet style with slippahs!Let’s show our local support for our local film production. Mahalo to RFG for highlighting Ho’ōla Health – your newly opened neighborhood urgent care, we assess and treat all ages. #film #matt Dillon (Doc) #jimcaviezel (Dr. Reyes) #ryanpotter (Jo) #oliviarichie (Grace) #julietmills (Grace’s grandmother) #nickboraine (Grace’s father) #steliosavante (Mayor) #jonsakata (Taki) #derekhall (Charles Gray, the lawyer) #rumioyama (Miss Hanabusa, Grace’s guardian) #bettylewis (young Grace) #coletakiue (young Jo) Director @davidlcunningham
📰 In “Simple Living with Jim” #entertainmentnews actress Beth Grant, on social @bethgrantactor .. who recently played “Elaine” in the acclaimed film #lucky co-starring with legendary actor #harrydeanstanton in his last film and who has just completed her 6thseason as a TV series regular, “Beverly,” on #themindyproject for NBC Universal on HULU will be a featured guest on The Jimmy Star Show live radio/tv show hosted by King of Cool Jimmy Star along with Cool Man About Town Ron Russell to discuss her amazing career and the entertainment industries at large on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 from 3-5 pm ET | 12-2 pm PT at Radio. • • • • #minimalism #pr source #worldstarpr
Being able to #review the ahead of its #release I loved this #movie and thought it was really well written especially for a first movie from #judewalko. Starring #deancain, #samvalentine and #judeswalko himself. 4/5 stars To see my full review please go to my blog which is linked in my bio
Throwback-Tamales Review: 22 years before Frances McDormand won an Oscar for drilling a hole in her dentist’s thumb in “Three Billboards,” she was just winning—killing it as pregnant Brainerd, Minnesota police chief, Marge Gunderson, in Joel and Ethan Coen’s 1996 modern classic, “Fargo.” 11.5 out of 12 Tamales #francesmcdormand #1990s #90s
Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, James Corden and Ian McKellen are set to star in the movie version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s smash musical Cats. Seth Rogen’s Point Grey Adds Four Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) will direct the film, which has been adapted by Lee Hall (Billy Elliot) from Webber’s musical. For more about MovieHatch, including some freebies, click the link in our profile.
Durante a San Diego Comic-Con, a Marvel divulgou um novo trailer para Spider-Man, game do Homem-Aranha desenvolvido pela Insomniac Games. Focado na história do jogo, o vídeo destaca as participações de Peter Parker e Mary Jane. Lápide e Doutor Octopus podem estar entre os vilões do game, além dos integrantes do Sexteto Sinistro. Spider-Man será canônico nos quadrinhos com a chegada do evento Spidergeddon. Com vários visuais para o Homem-Aranha, Spider-Man chegará ao PlayStation 4 em 7 de setembro. Até lá, confira o que achamos do game após experimentarmos uma demonstração na E3 2018. SIGA A NOSSA PÁGINA 👍😉 . #ps4
Fifty Shades Darker is a film directed by James Foley that tells the story of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey getting back together. EthMan’s Review: Above is literally all I could think of to describe Fifty Shades Darkerca sequel that bumbles around while nothing of value happens within its story, the actors don’t even try and the script is a dumpster fire once more reminding us that their is no optimism available for this train wreck of a film franchise. Rating: F #direction
Election (1999) 9.1/10 Recommended. I still haven’t seen an Alexander Payne movie that I haven’t liked. Then again, Downsizing is the only one with bad reviews. Election can easily compete with Sideways & Nebraska as Payne’s best work. What’s even more advantageous about this movie is that it revolves around teenagers. Matthew Broderick’s lead role as a teacher, and a portion of the movie’s screen time, which is in fact given to an adult, is perfectly acted & spontaneously written. His unpredictability due to his selfish nature definitely gives teachers a different face in Hollywood, even though I still loved his character despite his bad decisions. On the other hand, I started to hate Reese Witherspoon’s character because of a [...]
If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted in awhile.. I’ve been filming. Check this shot out from my first movie @staticshockshortfilm I play Larry Wade. This was a dope experience thank you 🙏🏽 @davidkirkmanstl! Fall 2018 is going to be so lit 📵 . . . . . . . . . . #summervibes
FUN AT WORK TO MAKE THE DAY POSITIVE!!!!!!!! . Everyday I hear on the news people being negative about politics, race, religion, war, crime, and immigration. Well I am someone that chooses to live my life in a positive way and influence others to be positive. . At my work there is people of different ages, race, religion, and backgrounds. So today I did a little experiment to see if I could get everyone talking, smiling, and having fun, to bring a good work environment today. . What did I do to start the day? I took a sheet of paper and asked everyone their top 3 animated Disney movies and made a simple tally. . By the end of [...]
Watching Jaws for the first time of my life. As much as I love Steven Spielberg i am terrified of Sharks. But love dinosaurs. Lol. But Im ready. Its not bad. I love it. This old and I’m jumping up and down. Suspense is perfect.