Day 3 & 4 are done ✔︎ Schubert’s Fantasy for 4 hands is definitely something special. His happy music is somehow quietly painful and lonely. His statements are not said loudly but they are deeply strong. His music grabs my heart very directly. I love you, Schubert. . . . #pianist #4hands #love #ピアニスト #シューベルト #コンサート #連弾 #クラシック音楽
We are excited to announce our second pair of panelists for this year’s conference!! Don’t quite understand and/or know your legal rights regarding publishing, copyright, royalties! Biletsky Law will be on the legal panel to answer your questions. You may leave this event with legal representation!🤷🏽‍♀️ Have you always wanted to work with some of your hottest artists? Have you wanted to get your music placed in TV/FILMS? Have you ever wanted your music license and/or a distribution deal? Well we will have a Music Supervisor @macamilliondollarman one of many titles) sitting on the panel to discuss these topics! #facts💯💯💯 #ohiohiphop
Welcome @mzonpointpromo social media marketer onboard !! She will teach you the importance of networking across different regions!!! In addition, @rj_fullrange who will teach you the importance of relationships with Music Supervisors and publishers involving your music 🎶! Do you know the difference of a beat maker and producer?🤔 We will see you in December…ALOT MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING! Stay tuned #cincinnati
Was thrilled to get a package of free product from @vocalzonehq! I’ve used their products to help my throat after some serious singing, long streaming days, a podcast, or some voice-work. Recommended! . (Free product from company, not a sponsored post) . . . . #tricksofthetrade
And after writing nearly three quarters of this book I need a break. I don’t want to take one but in the end I have little choice. I’ve delved into my energy reserves to put this break off a few more days… #life
The after-hours greasy spoon is filling up quickly. Mick and Hendlin were lucky to land the booth in the far corner – and fortunately – the table is easily seen by not one but two of the waitresses working tonight who share the table for the fifteen minutes while their shifts overlap… #song
District Edge @ Norma Jeans London Ontario Canada 2018/07/15 – – Photography Done By Samuel Phoenix From The Forever PhoeniX Concert Photography. – – If you share this photo please give give us the credit and not use it as your own.. – – – #fallow
#repost “Been working on this since mid last year. Sorry taking so long everyone but I promise it will be worth the wait. Almost done…real close. Hip Hop Isn’t Dead my first Official album back in quite a few years featuring: Heaven Razah aka Hell Razah, Queen The Prophent, Chino XL, Eternal of Killa Beez, The Dirty Clanzmen, Quantom Physics, Rez Sps Kings, Caper, Selima Young aka Wonda Woman, Rampage the Last Boyscout, Arkatak, Karnage Ca$hman, Betty B., Honey Dinero, DC (Darci Carpenter), Firenation Flamez, Tahmell (Rakim’s Son), Brandon Heat, The Artillerist, Astro Jiggy Jones, kOpE kAiNe, Dungeon Masta, Solomon Childs, P.I.L.L.S., Carmen Thompson, Dave Knyckz, David Casto, Woar2, DTACH, Dre Specz, DruGunn$, iNTeLL, Judah Priest, & Nki Louise. Hows [...]
Our favorite bed and breakfast creations 4 champions!!!… Mother Nature unleashing her powers! The ultimate breakfast, from the raw earth… shredded coconuts, coconut milk, Beans, pumpkin seeds, blue berry, sweet potatoe, banana and a generous amount of ground cinnamon…. Ready for take off…. Beauty in simplicity! Eat ur ❤️ out!!!!…. Keep it simple….love it natural… know your source…… Organic living, are u ready???…. How about the perfect souls in your foodssss…….soul food….. #tasty #healthyfood #starbucks
The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something. Join us for the #egomanagementworkshop at Kavade Mode of workshop delivery: Games, Music & Theatre 9 more days to go!! Hurry!… Register Now: Find more registration links, #workshop
The eight episode of Evolution Of Style is all about Brennan Heart and his history as a producer, you can listen to the evolution of his style since 2002 till today and prove yourself why this man is one of the best producers in the hard dance scene, link in bio! #brennanheart
Good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain and when you are in pain, it hits you even more. Tansen (c. 1500 – 1586), also referred to as Tan Sen or Ramtanu, was a prominent figure of North Indian (Hindustani) classical music. Born in a Hindu family, he learnt and perfected his art in Gwalior, the northwest region of modern Madhya Pradesh. His reputation brought him to the attention of the Mughal Emperor Akbar, who then requested Tansen to join the musicians at the Mughal court. Numerous legends have been written about Tansen, but with no doubt Akbar considered him as a Navratans (nine jewels), and gave him the title Mian, an honorific, meaning learned man.
PUSH DAY! @all_fitness_lovrs . Give THIS workout a TRY👆🏻LIKE & SAVE __ Here’s what you need to know… __ Build muscle and strength with a push-pull training split and you’ll avoid overstressing body parts _ Push-pull training enables you to train more often and burn more fat _ Use the recommended routine, or tailor the workout for your own goals and physiology – TAG A GYM BUDDY
Duet with my Television 📺 2 Original Video by Jirafonaz Song: Jose Jose – El Triste I usually warm up my voice and practice a song after. I enjoy rock music, but I can appreciate a bolero, especially this masterpiece. You should look for the 1970 live performance of this song. It’s like something from a movie, it sent chills down my spine the first time I saw it. #singer #音楽 #歌 #歌手 #음악 #노래 #가수
I won’t say I deserve someone special and I won’t say someone deserves a person like me. I feel comfortable talking to you and somewhat opening up to you. And the reason I say “Somewhat opening up”. It’s because things I keep insideare still to difficult to talk about cause they were very personal and had a lot of effect on me. Doesn’t mean I won’t be able to open up down the line. I do appreciate you in my life, I could say talking to you or interacting are always the highlights of my day besides talking to my dad. You have two fantastic and funny kids and you are a wonderful mother. I have only had a few [...]
It’s been one of those days. I miss you so much. I need to hit the water tonight. Wishing I could’ve been the superwoman you thought I was on that day 😢😢😢 I’d give anything to see you walk in the door with them cowboy boots on, just to ask if they hurt your toes for the umpteenth time…
You can catch me talking beauty products live with @liplockdcosmetics (Wednesday’s 8-10pm cst) CALL IN TO SHOW LOVE! 832.804.6703 Radio Request Line # ((On LIVE NOW )) CLICK LINK IN BIO Download #tunein App search “Street93.3” #opennradio on @Street933 #tunein with #mcnieceelove wit Radio Producer @fiyamediamogul call 832-804-6703 to request ya JaMz or Give ya SHOUTOUTS… #street933 #networkingnevernotworking
Sobre ontem, não tive tempo de postar mas o momento foi tão especial que não pode passar em branco!! Gravação do @conversacombial e entre os convidados especiais tinham nada mais, nada menos que @alinebarros e @brunakarlabk 👏❤ Foi demais a noite de ontem, presença de Deus invadindo os estúdios da @redeglobo !! Deus continue abençoando o ministério de vcs, dons extraordinários, sabedoria imensa é oq vcs possuem e que possa ser exercido a cada dia pra Glória do Pai!! #agentesevêporaqui
HERE AT SEATGIANT #wehavetickets TO ALMOST EVERY EVENT IMAGANABLE ‼️ Want to go listen to the San Francisco Symphony, watch a musical, watch a Bay Area sports team, or just straight up rage at your favorite artists concert; WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE TICKETS ‼️ LINK IN BIO ‼️ #sfpride
🌈 Como poder olvidarlos!. Esta banda me acompañó durante toda mi adolescencia… DURAN DURAN, más allá de su estilo musical, marco una estética arriba y abajo del escenario. Sus looks, sus peinados… Todo comenzó en Birmingham ( Inglaterra) en 1981. El nombre fue tomado de uno de los personajes de la película Barbarella, cuya protagonista fue Jane Fonda. Su formación no fue siempre la misma, pero si la definitiva estuvo compuesta por Simon Le Bon, Roger y Andy Taylor. Su primer sencillo Planet Earth salió en 1981. Causaron tanto furor, que fueron considerados Los nuevos románticos! ❤️ De ahí en más algunos de sus álbumes exitosos fueron , RIO, NOTORIUS, ASTRONAUT……. Sus temas fueron elegidos para películas como Panorama para [...]
Chase,Skip & Hop break down “This Ole Man” in Japanese and “The Alphabet Song” in Czech. If you know the melody line you will learn to speak different languages. With a touch of Hip Hop/R&B. Created by J.. for JMI. Nationally Televised TV Series. #kids
Quite a memorable night at @exchangela. I watched my boy @sw4vy_shlumped FILL the dance floor with some of our original tracks. I gained a whole new level of fandom for @autoerotique because…WHEW BOY!! The crowd got whipped into a frenzy. I finally got to see one of my all time favorites in @wolfganggartner. I like this place. Awesome energy. I want to pull out all the stops and rock this place. Soon.
Well, this is coming at the most inopportune time, but over the last couple days I’ve been getting one of those God awful summer colds. Time to tackle it the way I know best… this cold is going down!
Misundastood now vs jamanji and caskey. Same 5 day. 😂🔥😂🔥. Exposed. #caskey iteration. #mrpoet drops today. Check it out. follow my Spotify artist page “misundastood” for a review or shout out. Send proof. I got a collaborative playlist #unsignedartist ‬
If I don’t hit the right chords – at the right time – in the right way then you might as well have saved your money and downloaded a movie instead. This to me is living a full-throated life. This is communication. This is sharing… #rockstar
Having a bunch of fun researching around high performance and creating the working models for my new book – conveniently 😇 it means I get to drive lots of high performance cars with @jaguaraustralia @pacificjaguar & do silly things like compare boot space in unique ways … thanks @carmelfulton for putting up with all my shenanigans… If you could drive any Jag what would it be? Leave a comment below… ✅🚘 . . . . . . . . .. #linkedin Sign up to Mojo for free – link in bio
This Sunday pop out as myself and @diantehealth host #bring Your Own Body Weight #fit Camp, #sponsored by this is a event, we will be providing #water as well towels and #music. For me this event is a symbol of being more confident in myself. As a freshman at Old West I use to host classes in Hall 1 and I saw a 18 year old boy start out with 4 ppl to up to 30 ppl weekly on a consistent basis. Without commitment you will never start, without consistency you will never finish ‼️ Remember Sunday is free parking in the city, as well an early start to a beautiful Sunday. Bring a friend, we look forward to seeing [...]
Regrann from @da2_ikashakira – New Song Ika Shakira “TERKAPAR” Sudah release di radio dangdut kesayangan anda di Indonesia. Dengarkan dan request lagu “Terkapar” di radio, dan jangan lupa aktifkan RBT nya ya.. >TELKOMSEL ketik CCECN kirim ke 1212 >INDOSAT ketik SET(spasi)51105089 kirim ke 808 >XL ketik 34127355 kirim ke 1818 >TRI ketik 1117304 kirim ke 1212 Produksi: Juara Record 3D Entertainment Stream Entertainment #juararecord #3dentertainment #indosiar – #regrann
•• ———————————————————————— 🌸🌹🌸🌹🌸🌹🌸🌹🌸🌹🌸🌹🌸🌹🌸🌹🌸 PURPLE HAIR!!!!???? ———————————————————————— Ⓒ —– Ⓗ —– Ⓔ —– Ⓛ —– Ⓢ —– Ⓔ —– Ⓐ ———————————————————————— . C H E L S E A (Born Chelsea Harvey) is a very young Australian Singer | Songwriter – A gorgeous new millennium sweetly tearing up new musical POP & ROCK ground. Involuntarily, new millennium thinking means that stylistically she can’t help but stir everything up. At age 12, her first ever recorded song, “Falling For You” has come up more like most people’s tenth ever recorded song. It is interesting and inviting, the vocal has strength, control, power, conviction, sweetness and passion. Definitely THE someone everyone wants to watch and enjoy, more is imminent, but see the [...]
Fuck you rap niggas tired of being nice fuck y’all verses I’m not reaching out to you Hollywood rap niggas if you ain’t showing love I’ma keep that same energy period and I’m way better than you niggas with this music shit on god Presidential campaign the gang Pittsburg California 925 💎🌎🙏🏿🔥🔥🔥🙌🏿⭐️⭐️🎤💨💰💰🚨💿💿💿💿💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 #tmz