Join me on my life journey to the top! My dream is to become a photographer for celebrities. And I will make that my reality. Watch Me. Joey G. Neas Singer, Dancer, Photographer, and Twerker! SC: JoeyGNeasMusic ************************** I’m just an artist looking YOU! ***************** #show
This is where most of my ideas start. I find it helpful to work out some chords and melody before clouding my thinking with sound selection. It’s likely something that carried over from being a graphic artist, where the best are developing their ideas on paper before moving to the computer. Some food for thought. 🥇🎹🧠 • • •
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Blink too long , and I just might be gone ✈️ . Don’t worry I can work my Buiness from over 90 different countries so you will still be able to get what you need from me to help you keep getting these results . . . . . . #kingvar🤴🏾 . . . . . , . . #positivevibes is what fuels me #inspiration is what moves me ! 💯 . . . . . . . #coachvar🔌 (917) 330 – 1152 📱💰😎 🔑 . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . #herbalifenutrition #live #mindset #workout #success #muscle #unity #motivated #wcw
Monday on the beach, in Ocean Park. Him met Dot, Elle, my eighth grade science teacher and we both made some new friends. It was a great visit: Him: And you took a shower. You needed one. Even Bird thought so. Bird: 🕊🕊🕊🕊 Me: It wasn’t that bad. Bird: 🕊🕊🕊 Me: Really? ridewithus
Yesterday when I brought my #son his dinner at #marchingband practice, I got brutally attacked by a bunch of #fireants on my left foot. To say I’m in #pain would be the understatement of the century. It’s so bad I can’t put my foot into my running shoes and I was totally not #motivated to work out today. This afternoon I decided nope, I’m going to get it in. #barefoot #80dayobsession #wellness
💥 OPEN MIC🎙️💥 Something 2 Say Poetry Group Presents “The Power of the Tongue” FEATURING “The O” First Friday’s Open Mic and Poetry Showcase 787 BAR AND GRILL 5131 Dorchester Rd N Charleston Doors open at 8:00 Show starts at 9:00 Early Bird Special $5 Advanced Tickets Available Now on Eventbrite Like and Follow #something2saypoetry #northcarolina
Ninguém, circunstância alguma e nem mesmo o tempo, será capaz de impedir os planos de Deus de serem cumpridos em sua vida! Levante se, respire fundo, sorria, persista na caminhada, e viva os sonhos dEle pra sua vida! #salvação #fé #voolivremusic
Lauryn Hill has chosen to front her first fashion campaign for Woolrich, styled in outfits that display “real American grit”. The shoot took place in the Harlem theatre where Hill shot the video for “Doo Wop (That Thing)” 20 years ago in 1998. Our take: millennial nostalgia is a powerful dynamic, and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was one of the most special albums of the era – a smart move. (Photo: / @jackdavisonphoto) . . . . . . #consumerpsychology
Exciting News!!!! The album “Clear Black Sky” by Chris Casserly is available on Itunes and Goodle Play!! I sing Backup/Harmony on the songs…. Check it out!! Please spread the word! @chriscasserlymusic #indie
Dice la historia que el joven y talentoso compositor Rajmáninov, contando 27 años, al estrenar su 1a sinfonía fué un fracaso y le llevó a un bloqueo creativo, lleno de miedos y falta de confianza… tras 3 años y una buena terapia, compuso su segundo concierto para piano, siendo este uno de los conciertos más pasionales, enérgicos y bellos jamás compuestos. Figura de referencia y uno de los más grandes compositores románticos que nos ha dado obras maravillosas…
🖤🖤🖤 #genius Reflecting from my deathbed I’m balancing life’s riches Against the ditches And the flat gray years in between All I can see are the never laid That’s the never-played symphonies I can’t see those who tried to love me All those who felt they understood me And I can’t see those who very patiently Put up with me All I can see are the never-laid Ah the never-played symphonies You were one You meant to be one And you jumped into my face And laughed and kissed me on the cheek And then were gone forever Not quite Black sky in the daytime And I don’t much mind dying When there is nothing left To care for anymore [...]
I think when someone is in a deep state of concentration, they are at their prime and it is such a beautiful sight to witness. I notice this a lot with my toddler. When she’s very much in the ‘flow’ of her activities that’s when her beauty strikes me the most. When my husband is deeply in thought as he reads or writes, or playing piano, those are the moments I fall in love. People are meant to move and do things, and that’s when their beauty shines, imho. #bodyappreciation 📸 Nikkita | Seattle, WA 2014
Made in Japan 🇯🇵 📍💎Concept “ONE WOMAN-ONE MASTERPIECE” 📍💎Our company”ASTROPHYTUM “ is designing, producing and selling Contemporary Art Jewelry World of PAVEL ” Mars Landing by Paul Liu. Since 2000 “, ” ASTROPHYTUM “, “DeCoZoo “, ” ИСТОРИЯ “, ” MAGNETTA “, ” HAKATAZA MAGNETTA “, “RICKY REBEL RENAISSANCE by ASTROPHYTUM“, ” Zoo LINA ART Collection by PAVEL “, “ZuLfiYa Bridal Collection with PAVEL“, “Magenda Witch Collection by PAVEl”, “Rira4BellyDancers ” , “TANYUSHKA ART by ASTROPHYTUM” , “Vivian Sue by PAVEL “ , Art Jewelry Collections’ necklaces and earrings by PAVEL #2020
Tá na pista família, acabei de subir no meu perfil do SoundCloud a música “Seguimos Firme” feat meu com o irmão @eduardoladewig1! Produção dessa track e do monstro @gledsongsf e arte ficou na mão do mestre @eduardorazeradesign🔥 Link na bio!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Autant j’avais hâte qu’ils partent en vacances, autant jai hâte qu’ils reviennent! Quoique leur absence m’a permis de m’occuper exclusivement de mon bébé à venir. Que Dieu bénisse les naissances et les renaissances. Que Dieu bénisse mes pères, mes mères, mes pairs, les terres de mes ancêtres et mes p’tits papas pour la force ❤️ #artistlife
Urge Garden Bros. Circus to End All Cruel Animal Acts! A former Garden Bros. employee recently described frequently seeing elephants with blood dripping from behind their ears and reported that the Carson & Barnes trainer who toured with this circus last year would “warm up” the elephants by jabbing them with a bullhook or shocking them with a Taser. The whistleblower also reported that a camel used by Garden Bros. was kicked and punched and that other camels were whipped. Another whistleblower reported earlier that Zachary Garden, the manager of Garden Bros., habitually beat animals, withheld food from them, and refused to provide injured and dying ones with adequate veterinary care. . The circus just launched an animal-free unit called [...]
Audio on. Watch it in flow on my IGTV . . COVER In Your Eyes @tribalseeds + Sweetest Taboo @sade . . These songs have been in my head so much lately so I decided to share a mashup of it. Gratitude to the artists for such beautiful songs. . . I would like to share more music with y’all as it’s my most instinctual and natural form of expression. Often the pressure of not being perfect intercepts me but that’s no way to live and its never been the point. It’s always been out if love, passion and healing. And so here I go. #1. . . #invisibleillness
Regrann from @teamdagallery – NEW MUSIC: #lookingforward will feature #music by: @Drewzie_OfficialMusic_45, @Emynenx_Musix and E$$kell @TeamDaGallery with @Miss_Stacey78, @NecoleMonaesWorld and @BenyaminBMB AKA BadMan Benny Join #dagallery on the @TuneIn Radio app – Every Tues from 7 PM to 9 PM on @CaribbeanPowerJam #radio Join the conversation or make #song requests – (718) 393-5385 Also available on or the #caribbeanpowerjamradio app Text the word GALLERY to the number 55469 for updates and reminders.
Another Youth Showcase Extravaganza went down in the records on July 15th in Austin, TX and we are just getting started!!! TO EVERY YOUNG ARTIST WHO HIT THE STAGE, YOU ARE A STAR AND ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!!! THANK YOU TO: ALL OF OUR FINALISTS: L’Asia & Bonasha (1st), Nae Nae Synchelle (2nd), and Ricardo (3rd). ALL OF OUR CONTESTANTS: Gabreauna, Darielle & Raquelle, Kaycee, Mariah, Malik, Leslie, and Joshua! OUR HOST: Demetric Kennedy OUR DJ: DJShaynea The Ground Floor Theatre!!! A HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR TEAM: Dewain Smith and Jyesha Smith OUR SPONSORS: Bahadi’s Chicken & Lounge and Three Chicks Soulfood ALL OF OUR INDIVIDUAL DONORS!!! TO OUR IN-KIND DONORS: Main Event, Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex, and Austin [...]
Photos of the Youth Showcase Extravaganza are NOW AVAILABLE on our Facebook page, Drama Entertainment – The Label! A HUGE THANK YOU TO TWIN ARCHER PRODUCTIONS WHO CAPTURED THE DYNAMICS OF THIS SHOW!!! Visit their website at to book them! @twinarcherpro Show three of the Youth Showcase Extravaganza is set for Sunday, October 14th! To sign up to audition, visit #texas
Encontrá los mejores diseños de rock en FADE TO BLACK! Nos pueden encontrar de Lunes a Sabados de 12 a 20Hs galeria BOND STREET (Santa Fe 1670, Local 38, Planta Baja) Tambien podes encontrarnos en Facebook: TIENDA FADE TO BLACK Tu consulta no molesta. ños
#linkinbio. Starting out on #socialmedia and #youtube specifically can lay on HELLA pressure to look a certain way. Which is why… I decided to KEEP IT REAL on my new #youtubechannel and I’m happy to see NEW vloggers keeping it real too!!! @livewliyah_show who is INSPIRING beyond measure with her content. I talk about such #vloggers on my NEW!!! YT Channel … LINK IN BIO. . . . . #podcaster
For the past week I have had some long cries and destructive throughs. But looking at this makes me feel a lot better. We just have to remember to breath and just relax. I understand that is it hard to relax and calm down, so i suggest that you find a coping mechanism that works for you. #hotshower #rubberbandmethod Music helps me personally. #calmdown
#songlyrics 🎶 #music “And another one bites the dust -Oh why can I not 💘-And I might have thought that we were one -Wanted to fight this war without #weapons -And I wanted it, I wanted it bad -But there were so many #redflags -Now another one bites the dust -Yeah lets be clear, I’ll #trust no one -You did not #breakme –Im still #fighting for #peace ☮️ -Ive got thick skin and an elastic heart💟, But your blade 🗡️ it might be too sharp -Im like a rubberband until you pull too hard, I may snap and I move fast -But you wont see me #fallapart -Cause Ive got an elastic heart 💟Ive got an elastic heart 💟
Gracias a todos los que se acercaron el sabado pasado a @distritopomo estuvo sarpado. Gracias a las bandas @los.fantasmas, @vumetro y por sobre todo a @funes.el.memorioso por la invitacion! Nos vemos el viernes 10 de agosto en el CICLO MALDITO (@maldito.acople) tocaremos junto a @juliantotal (Los Totales) y desde CHILE nos visita @jota_jodson !! Ademas estara pintando en vivo, expondra sus fotos @ph.romgisele y @loraroesbello estara vendiendo libros, discos y rarezas! Nos vemos pronto Amigues! 📷 @escuchandoelviento #dreampop
This resonated with me today Not because it’s true, but because it’s what I do For just over a week I’ve been on #theartistsway journey (if you don’t know about it, look it up and then do it) The tasks and writing have led me to have open and frank conversations with my inner risk advisor – he’s the dude that causes my throat to tense when I sing and does whatever he can to stop me falling flat on my face It’s a good intention that stops me from being who I want to be as an artist I imagined sitting at a coffee table with him (yes, because that’s my version of a comfortable place to talk openly) [...]
Regrann from @bmfcash – “I’ve been on the Block plotting on the new lick, play The Transporter and hit a new strip, Dodge a couple haters, go get a new bitch go get a few bags go cop a few whips” . #catch22. – #regrann – #regrann