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When I’m booked to shoot to concerts I’m super excited. It’s my time to be free behind the lens and kick holes from inside the box. My brother @thesenecatyree and I would look at our father’s album cover inserts and be amazed by the action shots. My goal is to capture that same feeling when I’m shooting musicians on stage. I don’t merely point and shoot. I get in their space without them knowing. A musician is concentrating freely in their space while the audience is mesmerized by their performance. It’s all about the groove. Pay attention to the next few posts featuring musicians in their groove. In this photo: @kelvinwootenproducer 📷 @dokksavage •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••. ——————————————————————— #linkinbio
Escape from the studio! I take a few weeks off to recharge the batteries. When I come back we will finish the last details of the new album and get on with mixing and potentially rehearsing. Also new stuff with our new guitar player Yannik is already in the works! Stay tuned, Nicolao #music
When I’m booked to shoot to concerts I’m super excited. It’s my time to be free behind the lens and kick holes from inside the box. My brother @thesenecatyree and I would look at our father’s album cover inserts and be amazed by the action shots. My goal is to capture that same feeling when I’m shooting musicians on stage. I don’t merely point and shoot. I get in their space without them knowing. A musician is concentrating freely in their space while the audience is mesmerized by their performance. It’s all about the groove. Pay attention to the next few posts featuring musicians in their groove. In this photo: @popeage12 📷 @dokksavage •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••. —————————————————————- #jazz
Oh what a beautiful morninggg, oh what a beautiful dayyy (cue “Oklahoma!” soundtrack, anyone?!) Today’s intervention idea comes in all different fun shapes & sizes. We are LOVING these felt figures from non other than the Target dollar section (!) One way we utilize these is by spreading them out in front of a kiddo and asking them to create a song using the shapes, the music starts and we let the clients take us where they want. Recently we sang about a prince and a dragon who were best friends, but then the princess got in the way…ruh roh. Oh the joys of Songwriting, improvisation & cultivating creativity! . . . . . #love
frank 🌊 chilin’ in this Cali gloom… *****Friendly Reminder***** Remember to take time for yourself. Do the things you love. Make time to fill your heart with the love of working on your passions. You have a purpose here too. Sometimes we get so caught up on helping others that we forget to check in on our personal progress. Check in with your goals. How far along are you? Have you accomplished more than you thought? Have they changed? MAKE TIME FOR YOUR PROGRESS✨ Bless 💫 🖌 : @nathgonzart 🕉 _____________________________________ #selflove
Oh the places, the people, and faces we meet throughout the day. Last week, I found myself stopping to look down and appreciate the flowers AND my feet. I love how they carry me day in and day out + allow me to see and experience so much. Today’s #interventionmonday is for the travelling Music Therapist, a reminder to slow down and find beautiful pockets of stillness + silence. At least once during my work day I try to do my documentation outside (weather permitting), go find a nice park bench to sit on, or lay on the grass by a lake, load up your iPad and get cracking. I promise documentation is 100% better when you feel the hot [...]
DIEGO RO-K House / Tech House / Techno “En el año 2003 después de haber tenido la residencia de Super CLub (Crobar), la marca más importante de energizantes del mundo ofreció sponsorearme las presentaciones. Con ese dinero decidí hacer durante más de 4 años las ro-k.com tratando de mostrar sonidos de vanguardia en tiempo real, tanto internacionales como nacionales. Así fue como convoqué a Abe Duque (USA), Woody Mc Bride (USA), Blake Baxter (USA), 100 Isis (HOL), Thomas Heckmann (GER), Justin Harris (MFF UK), Vitalic (FRA), Jeff Bennet (SUE) y a los talentos locales: Carla Tintore, Tommy Jacobs, Franco Cinelli, Gustavo Lamas y las bandas live MUJIK y MODEX como ro-k.live que se llevaron a cabo en Buenos Aires, Córdoba, [...]
The middle of the week has never felt sweeter as we are so excited to announce WE ARE HIRING! 🎊 Currently seeking a Part Time Music Therapist (with plans to grow to a Full Time Position within 6 months). One of my favorite lines from our posting, “Due to the many ‘hats’ and responsibilities of a music therapist, we firmly believe in a happy work-life balance and challenge our employees to proactively live this through, both as a professional seeking to further her or his skill set and as an individual thriving to live a healthy and fulfilling life.” Consider joining us on this little journey (: Click the link in our bio for more information + to upload your [...]
And just like that “Five Green & Speckled Frogs” became a lot more real (: Other options to spice this oldie but goodie up: Turn a Gathering Drum over and place a blue Lycra sheet over the top to create an actual “pool” the frogs can “jump” into. It’s all about finding new ways to engage with your clients, right? Any other ideas?! Happy Monday, go get em! #love #music
Interupting our usual intervention Monday to post about our beautiful Saturday night // it was @crescent.cove (one of our partnerships) annual Home Plate Gala, where tears were shed, awareness was brought to the importance of children’s hospice, funds were raised, and the power of Music Therapy was spoken & advocated for! Feeling so very thankful for pursuing passions and following dreams ❤⭐🌙 . . . . . #hospital
Trading in #interventionmonday for #makeyourownmusicmonday! I recently completed a course on Songwriting & was challenged to compose my own piece. I was inspired to write a song for the families of our clients that pass away in hospice (as they can often be overlooked or forgotten). The piece is titled “No Longer” and this is the art for the album cover. I wanted the song to create hope (i.e. the rainbow) while also acknowledging the hurt, pain & grief that surround death (i.e. the darkness around the rainbow). I will be sharing the song in video form on Friday so stay tuned!(: . . . . .
Grab your best buddies & head into the weekend like…Isn’t it wonderful to be surrounded by the ones you love? Tag someone you are thankful for today in the Comment Section & take some time today or this weekend to write a letter of thankfulness to someone that encourages and builds you up. As we end this school year there is an overwhelming amount of people to thank: the teachers that stood by us and supported our education, the para professionals that walked us to and from class, the therapists that came to our home after the long work day & sat with us to listen + hear. We at Alliance Music Therapy are simply thankful to be a part [...]
Today’s #interventionmonday is inspired by our staff meeting this morning. We discussed Job Sustainability & how to enjoy the job you do for a very long time. This is crucial for any place of employment to discuss and ruminate on, but even more SO for those jobs that take a LOT of you, of your mental, physical & emotional energy. We talked on the “Spoon Theory.” Picture ten spoons you are allotted each day, each spoon containing a certain amount of energy, time & love. Once your spoons run out you are usually spent for the day (hopefully this happens at the end of the day & not by 10 AM). We talked about clients that require two spoons, people [...]
It has been a hot (pun intended because it is finally summer in Minneapolis 😰) second since we said hello to all our new + old followers alike 🙋Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey with us, as we explore what it means to cultivate a community of Music Therapists and create job opportunities that are sustainable and full of joy, hard work, and passion. We at Alliance Music Therapy encourage self care and taking a step back to gain perspective. We want to not only see our patients for where they’re at, but also see ourselves & assess our needs– understanding if we are not caring for OUR vessels we will be of little use to [...]
Some days you don’t want to talk, you just want to color, anyone else?! 🙋 Today our #interventionmonday is combining art + music to meet the needs & preferences of each individual client. As always there are options with this, you can keep it open ended giving your client a Mandala and letting them explore different colors or patterns while you play music in the background (pictured here), or you could add a bit more structure utilizing an idea we received from @solfulmusictherapy where you create a song with a kiddo, asking them all the things that fill up their heart and then mimic that in art form by creating a large ❤ & drawing pictures of whatever people/places/animals/objects they [...]
Thanks to everyone who contributed during last week’s #interventionmonday! We are over the moon at all of our Spring/Summer themed Intervention ideas & we of course had to share some with you all. Today’s intervention idea comes from @miyamusictherapy a Songwriting opportunity set to the tune of “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash. This intervention has been utilized an elderly population (you could adapt for younger kiddos as well). Invite your group to offer activities they enjoy in the spring and summer (i.e. “I like to plant tomatoes, I like to walk with my grandchildren”) and replace your group created phrases with the song lyrics adding, “In the springtime” to replace “I walk the line” at the end of [...]
So many SMILES today because this precious girl had a successful surgery and is home again, enjoying the sun & making music like never before. A huge smile on my face not only because I am convinced I work with the CUTEST clients, but also because I was able to conduct a session with her in the hospital, to truly meet her and the family where they were at, to work with wonderful nurses and social workers who were nothing but supportive of music therapy. AND when I wasn’t able to get there the next day, the Music Therapist employed at the hospital was there to step in for me and provide amazing services. What a beautiful community to GET [...]
WARNING: AWESOME OPPORTUNITY AHEAD! (: “It is with great excitement that I share the news of the Minnesota Orchestra performing Courage and Triumph, its first-ever Sensory-Friendly Family Concert featuring the full orchestra, on July 14, 2018! Enjoy the top-notch artistry of the Orchestra in a relaxed and family-friendly environment with supportive services like pre-visit materials and quiet spaces, as well as fun, hands-on pre-concert activities!” Check the link in our bio to purchase tickets ($12.00) Happy music making, Minnesota! 👏🎶🎻 . . . . . #summerevents
#interventionmonday + #mindfulnessmonday coming to you a day late as we were practicing good boundaries & took yesterday off to recognize the national holiday. Hope you enjoyed time outside soaking up the sunshine + enjoying picnic lunches with loved ones + remembering + thanking the ones that went before you. Maybe you are like us and need a little extra something to shift your focus back to the work week. We suggest a mindfulness exercise in which you provide each participant (can be done with a team or on your own) with a blank canvas sans a large sketched circle in the middle. Prompt each member to write all the things they are currently thankful for, take time to breathe [...]
A super simple but altogether wonderful #interventionmonday idea: Add Bubbles. Yes, that’s it 😄🎉 Not so sure of the statistical significance behind this addition, but we do KNOW how bubbles make everything better. This little man has grown immensely in his reading skills so last week we paired the book “Octopus Garden” with bubbles to celebrate his achievements. The bubbles were too fast to make it into the frame, so simply trust us when we say it was the perfect combination to read about the sea AND imagine we were there. Pick up a tube of bubbles from your local Target or Walmart and experiment with scented or even edible ones! Here’s to a great week & remembering sometimes it’s [...]
Did you have a hard or heavy week? Well consider this post a mental hug from us to YOU. We understand this work can be hard, heck sometimes being a human in this world can be difficult. There are days where it feels like simply surviving rather than thriving is the goal 🙋 We see you & we hear you & our hope for you is that as you enter into the weekend you find people to surround and hem you in ❤ To tell you that they will sit with you in the muck and the mess and wait until you’re ready to walk out of it. Or maybe it is not even about finding people to encourage you, [...]
Never been more excited for Monday morning because of today’s #interventionmonday (drum roll please…) MAKE YOUR OWN SHAKER! As the school year comes to a close & our kiddos are feeling extra antsy, it is nice to conduct a session outside and allow them to work with their hands & CREATE. For this intervention, combining art + music, we used an empty glass jar and instructed our clients to fill it with anything and everything they found in nature (including but not limited to: dandelions, wildflowers, pebbles, woodchips & sticks). Once they collected enough for the shaker to make the noise they desired (note: some may like their shaker louder, others may prefer a softer sound, the important part is [...]
No horsing (sorry…) around this Monday because we are off to Bien Aime Farm for our first of three Music Therapy Days this summer! So excited to be partnering with Evermore Community (link in bio) again this year to bring some special kiddos group music like drumming circles, individual sessions with Songwriting & Lyric Analysis opportunities, and an art + music project, today we will be doing “Paint to the Music.” The children will split into two groups, one group is in charge of music and the other art, when the artists hear a loud bang of the drum from the musicians they may decide to splatter the paint all over the mural or choose soft brush strokes when they [...]
Music therapists are process-based and create person-specific music interventions targeting therapeutic goals. Emphasis on PERSON-SPECIFIC. Every initial consult + assessment + treatment plan is individualized and catered to best fit the needs of that specific client. There is something SO powerful of meeting someone exactly where they are at, asking them to not change to fit the mold you have already established, but letting them come exactly as they were + are + will be. We understand our clients change on a day to day basis and we need to change and meet them where they are at! Have you checked out our website yet? All the above mentioned information can be found there + MORE. You know the drill…link [...]
Happy Friday, friends! (: Tomorrow is #socialmediaday & we wanted to celebrate it a day early by saying THANK YOU to all of the amazing friends + family + co-workers + co-creators that are a part of our little online community. It has been such a passion of ours to create beautiful content that gives others a sense of what Music Therapy actually is & what a day in the life of a Private Practice Music Therapist looks like (hello, granola bars on the go!) We hope to continue creating without cheapening what we do or using content solely to gain followers or likes, but instead to shed light on this lovely career, to display the power of music through [...]
Oh colored scarves, so simple, yet SO FUN. Today’s #interventionmonday incorporates colored scarves, and while there are seemingly unlimited possibilities when it comes to utilizing them within a session, we will focus on one specific activity used to promote focus and eye tracking. Gather all your colored scarves in one hand and begin twisting them like you would a twist tie (you can even encourage your kiddo to help and focus on some fine motor skills while you are at it!) Once they are gathered into a tight vertical knot, invite your participant to lay on his or her back on a soft blanket on the ground. Once they are comfortable, place scarves above their eye level, release & watch [...]
Happy Friday! For us, the approach of the weekend brings about thoughtfulness, asking ourselves what went well that week & what could have gone a bit better. Did we care for our vessels, for our souls? One thought in particular, “Did we celebrate other people’s light without taking away from our own?” It is so easy to compare and envy, to become insecure because of other people’s strengths. But why? Why can’t we celebrate each other and acknowledge where others shine without having to think less of ourselves? Like leaves on a tree we are all created a little bit differently, we have subtleties and strengths about us that make us different, unique, and that’s a GOOD thing. We are [...]
The many colors & perspectives that make up our beautiful group of kiddos at Evermore Community. Some kids were playing music, while others were painting what they felt the music was saying. And in that there was beauty, no two images look the same, everyone had a different interpretation, yet the differences came together to create one, unified, & incredibly unique mural. There are so very many lessons we can learn from children & I think this is one of them ❤🎶🎨 . . . . . #minnesota
Oh what a beautiful morning it is, when we can utilize music to come alongside every single patient & find an individualized way music can benefit them. Today’s #interventionmonday is a way to use the guitar to increase stimulation through a preferred entry point (in this precious kiddo’s case: her feet!) The picture does the job for us in explaining how to set it up, make sure the child is comfortable as this often assists the client into a calm, alert state. This intervention provides a nice way to sensitively & gently wake up a client, or to assist a child that may need some extra time transitioning & is sensitive to environmental stimulus. Transitions are hard, but music may [...]