“Do not seek to follow the footsteps of the men of old: seek what they sought” – Matsuo Bashō Divine Proportion is the pattern of life. It’s in nature and reflected in art and science. We love this quote for its meaning of staying open, being curious and always seeking. Never stop learning! 💚💚 Book pictured: Divine Proportion: Phi in Art, Nature, and Science by Priya Hemenway #bemindful
So yesterday after having a “bocadillo” for breakfast and hanging at Chapultepec with Michael and Nico I went to Colomos (I love Colomos 🖤). Sue is a walker just like me, now I believe what she said the night before. Two hours walking non-stop without taking any rest. Found these cute flowers, they remind me of Trix ññ #s7
If you don’t make the time to work on creating a life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a LOT of time dealing with a life you don’t want. I’ve always dreamed of FREEDOM of time. FREEDOM to create my own schedule. Im happy to say its happening. Big Success AND all of our time is in the future. Ever thought to yourself..this isn’t life. The daily grind to somewhere that believes you are totally replaceable. You are waayy more than enough! Join me in success on your time, with a income that continues to GROW & never caps out. Make a difference in your life & others! You know where to find me. Or comment [...]
Hops. It’s where we get Xanthohumol, which is known to positively affect over 30 different conditions. Why take 30 different “meds” when one will do the trick? Visit Xanthohumol.com and DM me for the best delivery of this Master Molecule.
Exploring the woods is so much fun! The ground has gotten some much needed rain after a long summer heatwave! ⠀ ⠀ My best ideas seem to come to me when I’m out and about! Walking the dog is such a mentally productive time for me! Does anyone else find this? ⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀
Drink water before not after and eat fruits by themselves that are high in sugar content. Regrann from @alkaline_vegan_news – Make a whole meal of fruits or melons by themselves. These are high energy and cleansing meals that are very important to the detoxification process. The simpler you eat, the better it is for your digestive processes. The better your food breaks down, the more energy you will have. ________________________________________________________ #arnoldehret
Some of my favorite practices to help reduce and eliminate inflammation of the body. If you want to feel better eat better and take care of your endocannabinoid system. 1. Plant based diet 2. Organic 100% Juice, Tart Cherry Juice 3. Organic Full spectrum Cbd cbn hemp oil LINK IN BIO ! ! ! The pure tart cherry juice even dissolves kidney stones !!! Follow @jahblessyou420 Thank you I am Grateful ✌️👁️😃♻️💚 #alkalineveganshop #alkalinefood
Dance to your own rhythm and not the world’s rhythm. It’s forced, practised and fake. Think about it. It’s crappy how it’s become this. // Finally letting go of what people expect me to be has been so liberating. Bring on the dancing shoes 🌸 . Enjoying the last bit of warmth from the sun’s rays🌅 . . . . . . . . . . . #outdoorliving
Throwback to the place @ryanfish asked me to spend the rest of our lives together at The Valley of Fire🔥 It was a cool day and the park was completely desolate. Just he and I in nature, nothing could’ve been more perfect than this.
Regrann from @alkaline_vegan_news – Follow @alkalineveganshop To test their theory for food effective against liver damage, the scientists fed 22 different kinds of fruit to a group of rats that have liver injuries caused by galactosamine, a powerful liver toxin. After testing the liver enzymes, the avocado showed to be the most potent and effective among these fruits in slowing liver damage, according to the lead researchers, Hirokazu Kawagishi, Ph.D., and Kimio Sugiyama, Ph.D., professors at Shizuoka University in Shizuoka, Japan. “Besides offering taste and nutrition, avocados seem to improve liver health,” says Kawagishi. “People should eat more of them.” Five compounds were active in reducing the damaged livers. All five compounds were tested in rats with chemically induced liver [...]
Some steps to raise your energy vibration and frequency so you can realize that I am one with all we are all connected & become the creator of your universe. Stop eating animals they are not products Dead flesh has low energy low vibration low frequency you literally are what you eat turn off the tele your vision it is a brain washing machine stop listening to 440 Hertz mainstream music it disrupt your energy vibration and frequency it is also a form of brainwashing Major rap music labels are invested in private prisons let that sink in. Remove toxic people from your life they have low energy bad vibration bad frequency stop drinking fluoridated water it calcifies your pineal [...]
Lipids (fats) begin sticking to the walls of the vessels in hopes of buffering inflammation. Lipid bonding also causes lipid stones as seen with gallbladder and liver stones. #cholesterol is the most common anti inflammatory lipid that the body uses to fight this #inflammation. When the tissues become acidic and thus inflamed, the liver will produce more cholesterol to fight it; that means that the blood cholesterol levels begin to elevate. Minerals too start bonding and form “rock-type” stones, which show up as kidney stones, bone spurs, and the like. #alkalinefood
This is a rule everyone should follow 🥑🥦🍒🍉 The goal behind this page is to educate the world on how to integrate more fruits and vegetables into their diet 🍇🍐🥥🌶 It’s cool to be Vegan and all, but first we need to realize that the vitamins and minerals our bodies need are in the produce section 🥝🥒🍉🍇 Not in a bottle… 🧐 #fastingtips
@alkaline_vegan_news How may a simple dietary change make one’s bloodstream so inhospitable to cancer in just a matter of days? The dramatic improvement in cancer defenses after two weeks of eating healthier is thought to be due to changes in the level of a cancer-promoting growth hormone in the body called IGF-1. Animal protein intake increases the levels of IGF-1 in our body, but within two weeks of switching to a plant-based diet, IGF-1 levels in the bloodstream drop sufficiently to help slow the growth of cancer cells. How plant-based do we need to eat? Studies comparing levels of IGF-1 in meat-eaters vs. vegetarians vs. vegans suggest that we should lean toward eliminating animal products from our diets altogether. This [...]
Did you know that it’s National Simplify Your Life week? We’re all familiar with the concept of spring cleaning, but a little late summer simplifying is a great way to de-clutter before fall. Don’t limit your simplifying to reducing physical items in your home; simplify your lifestyle. Use less energy, purchase only what you need, and spend more time outside enjoying the simplicity of nature.
Link in bio. Ships in 7 to 10 days. We ship world wide 🌎 ▶️ Prodigiosa is used to treat stomach pain. Irish Sea Moss is used for ulcers. Nettle is great for handling digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhea, and general stomach upset caused by bacterial imbalances in the gut. It can help kill intestinal worms and parasites as well. Damiana is used for nervous stomach, and constipation. Basil can keep your gut safe from pain, nausea, cramping, or diarrhea by killing off bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria. Eugenol even has an antispasmodic property that can keep cramps at bay, says Mildred Mattfeldt-Beman, PhD. Quassia is used for indigestion and constipation. Chaga helps with stomach [...]
Lipids (fats) begin sticking to the walls of the vessels in hopes of buffering this Inflammation. But lipid bonding also causes lipid stones, such as gallbladder and liver stones. Cholesterol is the most common anti inflammatory lipid that the body uses to fight this inflammation. When the tissues become acidic and thus inflamed, the liver will produce more cholesterol to fight it. But that means that the blood cholesterol levels begin to elevate. Minerals too start bonding and form “rock-type” stones, which show up as kidney stones, bone spurs and the like. _______________________________________________________ #arnoldehret
@alkaline_vegan_news Lipids (fats) begin sticking to the walls of the vessels in hopes of buffering this Inflammation. But lipid bonding also causes lipid stones, such as gallbladder and liver stones. Cholesterol is the most common anti inflammatory lipid that the body uses to fight this inflammation. When the tissues become acidic and thus inflamed, the liver will produce more cholesterol to fight it. But that means that the blood cholesterol levels begin to elevate. Minerals too start bonding and form “rock-type” stones, which show up as kidney stones, bone spurs and the like. _______________________________________________________ #arnoldehret
Berghia rissodominguezi Muniain & Ortea, 1999. Family Aeolidiidae. . . One of my favorite species from the Caribbean, B. rissodominguezi is found under rocks in intertidal areas feeding on anemones. This aeolid can reach up to 5cm long and when disturbed it autotomizes the cerata. . . .
Point South is a small universe, a self-contained microcosm, tucked between 61st and 71st streets and Harvard and Yale avenues. The 30-acre private community has 120 homes designed around 10 cul-de-sacs. The development was started in the 1970s by the late Ira D. Crews Jr. Point South stands out among Crews’ projects as an excellent example of good planning and design. Although there are no entrance gates per se in Point South, the planned development operates like a gated community, in that there is 24-hour security surveillance, and it has many recreational features, such as three sets of tennis courts, a huge private swimming pool complex, and jogging, walking and bicycle paths. Large common areas sweep the rolling hills of [...]
✨ DIA 21 DOS 21 DIAS DE AUTOCUIDADO PACHAMAMA ✨ Finalizamos hoje os 21 dias de autocuidado. E para fechar com o autoamor pulsando, você vai fechar os olhos e buscar no seu passado algo que você fazia e que te deixava extremamente feliz e realizada! Por algum motivo isso não faz mais parte da sua vida e você nunca tem tempo ou vontade suficiente para trazer isso de volta. Então, hoje você vai priorizar, vai traçar um plano detalhado pra trazer isso de volta para sua vida. Dançar, tocar um instrumento, cantar, correr, escrever? O que foi que você deixou pra trás? É hora de retomar o que faz seu coração cantar! ❤ . . . . #21diasdeautocuidadopachamama ção [...]
Agradece cada amanecer, es una nueva oportunidad para hacer y re-hacer las cosas cada vez mejor, o al menos del modo en el que te brinde tranquilidad, porque a la larga es lo que todos anhelamos, esa tan ansiada calma que nos reconforte y nos haga sentir seguros! Love, MissReddie. ñosrelatos
• D o u c e u r • Accepter que tous les jours ne soient pas toujours roses, qu’être parfois morose fait partie de l’équilibre… et terminer la journée par une cueillette pour ramener un peu de douceur à la maison 🌿☁️✨ __________ éminité
Still on our Cute Baby… Clients sent request for economy pack.(removal of some items) It’s very much available. It can come in customized form. Just say it and Voila…. It’s yours. At MisstyB’s Glamorous Touch, we put your need before ours. #bosslady
~ Beyond Lost #dreams ~ When you are young, you are filled with #energy and dreams and you think you have all the time in the #universe. You have #grandgoals and you think you are going to get them all. But things are transient in life. The I-Ching, the ancient book of changes teaches us that everything that is one way will turn into its opposite. So when you experience joy, it’s going to change. When everything is going your way, that’s only a transient experience, things will change. Overtime, adults fall into locked #karmas. They are worn down by life, they expected life to turn out a certain way and it did not. Most people end up with lives [...]
Aloe Vera has very high levels of calcium, potassium and zinc, as well as vitamin C and E. These minerals promote the formation of net fibers that track the red corpuscles of the blood, thus speeding the healing process. It helps to cleanse and purify the body,detoxifying it. It also regenerative in nature, stimulates the growth of skin cells. It is antipyretic,i.e relieves the heat of burns,inflammation and fever. It has many many more properties that would help you become healthy and fit. Grab your Aloe Vera Juice from Prisim today and heal your body with it’s natural properties.
Bom dia Leitores, começamos a semana com esse clique💥 do nosso colega e jornalista @ewaldowillerding. Um belo registro de um dia tranquilo; e que a segunda-feira (30) seja de harmonia e produtividade!🍃 ⠀ ⠀ Quer que sua foto seja compartilhada no perfil OCPNews Floripa? Publique com a hashtag #leitorocpfloripa ou nos envie por direct!⠀ ⠀ #florianópolis #visual #⠀
To purchase chlorophyll, click the link in bio. Takes 7 to 10 days to ship. ⭐️ In 2005, the Wageningen Centre for Food Sciences in the Netherlands studied whether green vegetables could inhibit the unfavorable effects of haem within the colon. Rats were fed either a control diet high in haem or a similar diet supplemented with chlorophyll for 14 days. The results showed that the rats consuming haem experienced about eight times the amount of cytotoxicity of the colon compared to the beginning of the study. The rats given chlorophyll supplements were significantly protected from formation of the cytotoxic haem metabolites, which made the researchers conclude that green vegetables may decrease colon cancer risk because chlorophyll prevents the cytotoxic [...]
I dedicate this shot to my friend, D.S. . Without you, I wouldn’t have the camera to take a shot like this. You gave me an exceptionally cheap price on all your equipment which took every cent I had at the time. 😭🙏 . It was worth it. Being without a camera made me feel like I wasn’t a photographer and that my knowledge was useless. Now I have a beyond full portfolio and I am shooting for myself…. D.S., thank you for this camera. . Thank you for the motivational conversations and constructive thinking. THANK YOU for being you and following your dreams. You are proof that anything is possible if you just GO FOR IT. . . . [...]
How often do you pray? Say thank you to the moon, god, the stars? 🌙 Us humans we are spiritual in essence. Are you connecting that part in you? ✨ Are you aware that you are fully loved, guided and part of a larger whole? 💓 There’s a sacredness in your existence. Are you aware of that? 🌔🌟💫🙏🏻💗 #slovenia
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Views for days. Supposed to be stormy this weekend here but you will not remember the rain in 5 years, you will still remember the views and good times with friends when your out exploring. So get out and explore! #views #vanisle #alpine #naturescape #naturephotos #outdooradventurephotos #explorevanisle #explorebeyondtheusual #cascadiaexplored #pnwcollective #hikingvibes #mountaintherapy #vanisletrue #valhallapureoutfitters #landscapecaptures #sharethecoast #pnw #cascadiaexplored #hikelife #explorevancouverisland #ourplanetdaily #islandlife #optoutside #hikingadventures #hellobc #tahvi #nature #getoutside #vancouverisland #islandlife
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The water color of lonely trees. The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward. Amelia Earhart
Fazendo tradicional molhinho Italiano caseiro. Minha bisavó ficaria orgulhosa da bisneta seguindo as tradições. 🤣🤣🤣😋😋 receita da @ritalobo 🍅🍅 · · · · · · #comidadeverdade #tomate #receita #comidasaudavel #natural #lowcarb #repost #donadecasaeusou #alimentacaosaudavel #receitasfit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #goodmorning #foconoobjetivo #paleo #x #nature #saudavel #saude #healthyfood #healthy #instagood #gastronomia #caseiro #lifestyle #nutri #receitassaudaveis #lardocelar #ritalobo
Stuck in school thinkin bout blacktail, elk, and salmon... can’t help but want to hunt knowing I have little time left to get an elk 😐😐😐 @steelheadbeads @bigbearrods @burgesscustomjigs @reeltime_bait #blacktail #nature #blood #badshot #bull #oregon #archery #hunting #fishing #lucky #outdoors #love #pse #schoolsucks
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➡BIOPOMATA ARNICA 30%⬅ La BioPomata Arnica 30% è una pomata biologica ad alta concentrazione di sostanze funzionali vegetali. La sua innovativa formula è caratterizzata dalla presenza del 30% di Arnica Montana che in sinergia con l'Olio di Argan svolge un'intensa azione lenitiva, decongestionante, calmante e dona sollievo alle parti trattate. La BioPomata Arnica 30% ha un'azione lenitiva, decongestionante e calmante. Modalità d'uso: applicare sulle parti interessate e massaggiare delicatamente fino a completo assorbimento. Confezione: 100 ml. SENZA PARABENI, SENZA PETROLATI, SENZA PEG, SENZA ALLERGENI Ingredienti: Aqua - Arnica Montana Flower Extract* - Vitis Vinifera Seed oil* - Glycerin - Decyl Oleate - Cetearyl Alcohol - Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate - Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil* - Parfum - Benzyl Alcohol - Potassium Sorbate - Benzyl Salicylate - Coumarin - Amyl Cinnamal - Linalool - Benzyl Benzoate - Cinnamyl Alcohol - Geraniol - Alpha - Isomethyl Ionone * da agricoltura biologica certificata #crema #nonichel #packaging #biopomata #arnica #cosmetici #cosmetica #cosmesi #noparabens #nocoloranti #follow4follow #iges #face #biologica #bio #halbea #recensione #nature #nature #cosmeticiecobio #sorgenta
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