We now have 2 clinic rooms at Knightwood Leisure Centre! With lots of availability as well as a brand new gym on site for members, what better than to book your Physiotherapy or Sports Massage appointment to help get your fitness back on track this year! #injury
Mon tube de l’été? La Heat Lotion 😊 Cette crème est idéale pour les massages et permet la décontraction et l’apaisement des douleurs. Parfaitement indiquée pour les sportifs en massage avant l’effort pour détendre et préparer les muscles, et après l’effort pour détendre les muscles et favoriser une meilleure récupération. On peut compléter avec le gel MSM qui renforce les articulations en apportant du confort musculaire récup #foreversummercamp @foreverfrancehq
6am (time @grancanaria ) Ready to rumble, oops,… gym is Still closed! Let’s take a first break from All the hustle and read a book! I starter Reading (for the dutchfollowers) “De wijde lucht omvatten” @danieltammett . It’s a book about getting to know the boundaries of our brain. Not our only our “normal brains” but also from the ones who exceller beyond us. It made me thinking about what life means now. How little do we actually know right now. Time to dig a little deeper. Before kicking this morning workout! Let’s do this! What does your day look like today? #savant @queenv_kingb
❌ Les régimes ❌ . Si les magazines regorgent de « régime express/2 semaines/-5kg », ils oublient d’ajouter « 2 semaines pour tout reprendre et plus si affinités » 🤬 Donc les filles (et mecs) ne tomber pas dans ses pièges à la con 🙏🏼 ! . (régime -> motivation -> perdre de poids -> frustration -> craquage -> culpabilité -> reprendre encore plus de poids). . Les régimes ne vous aident pas à comprendre vos besoins nutritifs,pensez-vous que vous avez les mêmes besoins que votre voisine, voisin…?! NON. . . 👉🏻 Il est important d’avoir une alimentation équilibrée et suffisante selon vos besoins individuels. Comprendre le contenu de votre assiette est là meilleur méthode pour commencer 😉. . . . . . #womenfitness [...]
Friendship, multiculturalism, respect, joy, focus, believe in OneSelf…. To be prepared for the future, enhancing relationship & trust building skills through art or sport accelerates selfconfidence and empowers future compassionate leaders… Do it, take action, start moving… @teensgrowth @deemuaythai_bali Accellerating teens’ growth through sport with values. #generationz
How To Go About A Basic Cleanse Your body is your possession and keeping it healthy and clean from inside out is your responsibility. Detoxification and cleansing of the body is essential for being in the vibrant health and there are many options available for you to choose which help in the process of detoxification. The majority prefers a natural detox cleanse to focus more on wellness and health instead of j .. #foods
My #research weapon of choice. These are transcranial magnetic stimulation ( #TMS ) coils I use to indirectly (non-invasively) stimulate brain and neural tissue; recording the response via EMG or EEG. Known as evoked potentials, these allow me to see the physiological response. I use these to compare brains of concussed individals to age-matched controls (or even concussed individals as they recover). . . .   #transcranialmageticstimulation   
❗️GET THEM BEFORE THEY’RE GONE❗️ Vega is coming out with a new delicious line of bars that we’re sure will tantalize your taste buds 😋 But this shipment will be the last that you can stock up on your old time favourites ❤️ So come in before they are gone 😱 – – #supportlocal
“Sport has the power to change the world!” Nelson Mandela…thank goodness they got rid of the sport of me hunting deer, board and other game. And he is right! I’m in the sporting group and I can make change! Woof yeah! .. . . . . . . #capetown
🏋🏼‍♀️Sport 🏋🏼‍♀️ J’ai commencé ma journée avec une bonne séance de renforcement musculaire total du corps. Et cet après-midi, balade de santé avec ce beau soleil ☀️ A l’heure où je vous écris, mon corps entier me tire 😂💪🏼 Et vous, avez-vous pratiqué une activité physique aujourd’hui ? #clubw #90daybodychallenge
Team Agonistico BVO🦉 • @antonymajor11 #1 14-07-1993 190cm Inizio attività 2013 3 Vittorie in tappe federali Nazionali. 1 Partecipazione alle Finali Nazionali per l’assegnazione dello scudetto🇮🇹 Attualmente tra i primi 50 beachers d’Italia • @samfioretta #2 03-08-1983 184cm Inizio attività 2003 13 Vittorie in tappe Nazionali Oltre 20 podi 7 partecipazioni alle Finali Nazionali per assegnazione dello scudetto 🇮🇹 • @clodavalle 1993 200cm Attualmente tra i primi 30 d’Italia 2º Posto alla tappa di Campionato Italiano a San Teodoro – Sardegna nel 2016 Oltre 10 Podi in tappe nazionali Convocato per collegiali con nazionale Italiana giovanile. 3 Partecipazioni alle Finali Nazionali per l’assegnazione dello scudetto 🇮🇹 • @michelecrusca 1994 194cm 2º Posto alla Tappa di Campionato Italiano Assoluto di San [...]
From the gym to the streets, CoverMyCurves has you covered! This fashion forward, easy to wear  cover-up is the perfect athletically designed workout accessory for exercise, running, hiking, and most other sweaty pursuits yet can be worn as a fashion cover-up! Link in bio!👆 Lightweight, Super-Soft Fabric Available in multiple colors Sizes: Small-X-Large #bodytransformation #lifters #weightloss
Jurgen Klopp: ”Mesut ve İlkay”ın Erdoğan ile fotoğraf çektirmesi sonrası oluşturulan baskı tamamen saçmalık. Şunu unutmamalıyıyız ki onlar Almanya’da büyümüş olsalar da kökenlerinde Türklük var.” #ts
L’intesa economico è arrivata. Il PSG e Leonardo Bonucci potrebbero presto incontrarsi. Ci sono alcuni nodi da scogliere, sopratutto nell’accordo tra il Milan e il PSG. Probabile offerta da 35 Milioni ma il Milan non vuole venderlo per meno di 40, la cifra spesa per prelevarlo dalla Juventus. Personalmente credo che di essere rimasto davvero molto deluso da Leonardo e dal suo agente. Credevo che era davvero fedele alla nostra maglia e che non sarebbe mai andato via dopo nemmeno un anno. Tanta delusione ma tanta voglia di rimettersi in gioco. Noi speriamo che non sia vero e che Leonardo continuerà ad essere il nostro capitano. Per il resto, credo anche che la storia del Milan continuerà anche senza di [...]
3 top tips for dieting 💯 1️⃣ What gets measured gets managed. We strongly advice to track what matters. Track your food intake and it’s also a good idea to track your training sessions. Go old skoool and use a diary or to make life easier try some apps on your phone 📱 You’d be surprised how many distractions you have in life and you can become quite forgetful very fast. Lastly, don’t become obsessed, just be aware is all. 2️⃣ Find and identify the foods that YOU lose yourself with. You know them foods that you just love and can’t stop eating. If you’re consuming any food in large quantities it’s likely to cause you issues when it comes [...]
Like any other muscle in your body you can also train your breathing muscles and push their performance. The #phantomtrainingmask works just like a dumbbell for your breathing muscles. 💪🏼 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Tag your posts with #phantomtrainingmask or #phantomathletics to get featured on @phantom.trainingmask ☑ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Got any questions about the Phantom Training Mask ? Send us a DM or a text via our new WhatsApp service: +43 676 3965188 📲 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Gestern war es wieder soweit 😍: Diana hat in ihrem Mottozirkel „Bauch-Beine-Po“ unseren fleißigen Mrs.Sportys so richtig eingeheizt 🏋🏼‍♀️💦💦 Wer danach noch laufen konnte, hat definitiv was falsch gemacht. 😜 Wer gestern keine Zeit hatte: Kein Problem, denn der nächste Mottozirkel steht schon auf dem Plan! 📅 Am Dienstag, den 31.07. um 13.30 Uhr heißt es Zumba-Time 💃🏼🎉👯‍♀️ Also: Tragt euch in die Liste im Club ein, denn die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt! 📝 Wir freuen uns schon. 😍 _____________________________ #fitgirls
Aujourd’hui avec ma vie on fait les #hippie 😂 j’ai enfin repris le #sport assis c’est un concept mais purée que ça fait du bien ! Allez je viens de commencer un #livre génial j’ai passer la soirée à chialer hier 😁 donc j’y retourne et en parallèle je prépare une nouvelle #creation en #papermache (sa fait classe en anglais haha). Oui ça fait beaucoup en une journée mais elle ont pas qu’à faire 24h 😜 #ouijesuisgaga
Do multivitamins really work? ★ – • Multivitamin complexes are the most known and consumed supplements on the market, but that does not mean they are also necessary. – • An analysis of 21 studies (approximately 91,000 participants) concluded that multivitamins have no impact on mortality (neither good nor bad). Also a 2006 analysis of 20 studies confirmed that these complexes do not help in preventing cancer, cardiovascular disease or other chronic diseases. – ·There was no link between multivitamin supplementation and cognitive function improvement. – · Supplementation is in the case of a deficiency, most common being in Vitamin D, K, Zinc and Magnesium, which are found in very small amounts in complexes. – ·A balanced diet ensures the [...]
Hello les sportifs, “La nature est une œuvre d’art, et l’homme n’est qu’un arrangeur de mauvais goût”. George Sand Journée OFF pour moi. Réveil à l’aube… Pour sentir le soleil se réchauffer. Pour entendre les insectes. Pour voir les fleurs s’ouvrir. Pour sentir le parfum de la rosée. Un moment privilégié. Marche rapide ou audax pour les connaisseurs 5km de validés ce matin. Bonne journée 💋💋💋 #georgesand
“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” “Take Action! Inspire Change!” ~ Nelson Mandela . . . #mandela100 #bethelegacy
La mattina di buon ora, prima di iniziare la giornata lavorativa, è nostra buona abitudine fare un pò di moto e camminare nelle nostre splendide campagne sabine. Sport, alimentazione sana e benessere ogni giorno. Anche oggi in compagnia del nostro amico Ilario Di Giovambattista per la consueta Passeggiata della Salute 🌻🌻🌻. Buongiorno dal #gruppocoviello.
New Arrival Tmax Spiral Tape Spiral tape was invented based on oriental medical and muscle anatomy to help keeping balance of human body by adjustment of tension and relaxation to muscles and joints. For more information about us, www.tmaxtape.com #crosstape
Guten Morgen zusammen, heute gab es wieder eine etwas längere Sportrunde am Morgen, dann ging es los mit Kurkuma Drink, einem leckeren Smoothie Bowl aus Nektarine Banane Mandel Milch Kocos Flocken und Avocado, dazu einen gelben Saft aus Ananas Paprika und Fenchel 🍹und heute gab’s noch eine Runde Green power ⏩ Sport-starter.de/Green-power-2017 ⏪ so kann der Tag auf jeden Fall starten 💪💪💪 #frühstück #ernährung
•|| Le bonheur ne dépendrait il pas des choses toutes simples telles que regarder un beau paysage, apprécier un bon repas avec les personnes qu’on aime, faire une balade, voir ses neveux, nièces, enfant s’épanouir. Aller au cinéma, et la liste peut s’allonger 😎🤓 __ Ces petits bonheurs qui rendent la vie plus belle 🧡 Alors profitez bien de ces petits moments qui vous font du bien, vous ressources et vous rendent heureux 😊 __ Dites moi un petits bonheur que vous appréciez ✍️ Allé direction le chirurgien 😫 Bonne journée 😘😘 __ #positivevibes #90daylc #like4like #beforeafter
Smoothie de fresas y plátano con grosellas 🍓🍌 – 🛒Ingredientes: 🔸150ml de bebida vegetal de soja sin azúcares añadidos 🔸2 Cucharadas soperas de queso fresco batido 0% 🔸2 Cucharadas soperas de copos de avena integral 🔸1 Plátano congelado 🔸1 Puñado de fresas congeladas 🔸1 Puñado de grosellas congeladas 🔸Edulcorante (opcional) – 🍴Utensilios: • Batidora de vaso profesional OmniBlend de @jtcspain – 👩🏽‍🍳Proceso: 1. Ponemos las fresas y las grosellas con un poquito de agua en la batidora y procesamos bien hasta obtener una mezcla ni muy líquida ni muy sólida. 2. Llevamos la mezcla al fondo de un vaso. 3 Enjuagamos la batidora para volverla a usar. 4. Procesamos el resto de los ingredientes en la batidora y añadimos al [...]
Quand à 21 ans tu deviens Délégué Officiel International et que tu as sous ta responsabilité une équipe et des boxeurs merveilleux venue de toute la planete pour les Championnats Du Monde Junior Boxe Française! Merci la Belgique pour cette honneur #belgique🇧🇪 é #sport 😍😘👊👊✊✊✌
Part of the reason I post my training sessions is for accountability. Another reason is to show I have a passion for movement and health, and I want people to know about it. I live it and breathe it. Here’s the important part…if you are interested in strength and performance, hire a coach who knows what they’re doing. As an athlete/fitness seeker, step one is seeking out a coach with experience. If you’re a fellow coach wanting to learn more—don’t guess, ask questions and learn. Too often I see Joe Schmo’s taking a guess and cueing inefficient movements. Exercise is not so easy that you cannot screw it up. Everyone needs a coach. Find a good coach. @zhealth_performance
HIT TIME ! 🤛🏼 ______ C’est partie pour un training HIT afin de brûler un max de calories et faire augmenter le métabolisme. ✅ ______ 30 sec ON / 10 sec OFF pour chaque exercices et 1 min de repos entre chaque séries. 🔹Montées de genoux 🔹 Squats 🔹 Burpees 🔹 Mountain climbers 🔹 Fentes sautés. Aller hop, on fait ça 4 fois ! ______ N’hésitez surtout pas à envoyer vos vidéos dégoulinantes, histoire que je ne me sente pas seule 😂 ______
Herbalife Nutrition: make the world healthier and happier. Be strong. Be fast. Be dynamic. Be fit. Be athletic. Be a champion. If you’re interested about Herbalife’s products and/or business, write me in private for more info. / Se siete interessati ai prodotti e/o al business di Herbalife, scrivetemi in privato per maggiori informazioni. @herbalife 🌿 7 #cris7iano #fit