Aprovechar el tiempo no significa no querer que el tiempo pase sino ser consciente de cada minuto, cada segundo y disfrutarlo al máximo . . . ¿Te has planteado hacer de tu dormitorio un ambiente tech-free? Prohibida la entrada a cualquier artilugio tecnológico antes de dormir. Que lo último que mires antes de lanzarte a los brazos de morfeo no sea el móvil y que tampoco sea lo primero que veas al abrir los ojos por la mañana . . . Para empezar puedes atreverte con un despertador como este para no necesitar la alarma del móvil: 👆 ¡Click en La foto! 📍Calle Cuba 32 🌐 www.gnomo.eu . . . #tecnología #sueño #lifestyle
Join the winner (senior category) of #abiabrainfacio2018 as he speaks at International Youth Day celebration #iyd2018. Amanze Basil is a 13year old SS1 student of Royal Rock Academy, trained on digital skills by LookAfrica, and passionate about public speaking despite his aspiration of being a medical doctor. You can’t miss this, register here: bit.ly/ABIAIYD2018 #googledigitalskills @lookafricanow #lookafrica @sanstonz #sanstonz @visionaliveng @abia_online #abiaonline @brainfacio #brainfacio
Quando um sonho começa a se realizar junto com os alunos e professores do curso de Engenharia Mecânica e Engenharia Elétrica por meio dos Projetos do EletroKart, Baja SAE GUARÁ 🦊 062 (@bajaguara062) e do Braço Mecânico (@joshmars99) Obrigado a TV Anhanguera (@tvanhanguera) pela reportagem e gratidão imensa e um super obrigado a UniEvangélica (@unievangelica) por fortalecer e apoiar sempre projetos da Engenharia Mecânica e Engenharia Elétrica. Cursos de Engenharia Mecânica e Engenharia Elétrica (@engenharia.mecanica.e.eletrica)
Who you gonna call? Our #wcw today and every day – FanHero’s creative project coordinator Liz! . . It’s always amazing when you have employees that love what they do and radiate happiness and fun into everything. From creative campaigns to event set-up….and everything in between, Liz is our girl! . . . . . . #work
IT services for Non-Profit organizations and associations. @Jacmel_Enterprise has real experience working with Non-Profit organization. We’ve gain a vast amount of experience working with non-profits and trade associations, we can help you address the IT challenges associated with Fundraising, raiser’s edge and many more. When you’re looking for IT support services for nonprofit, look no further than @Jacmel_Enterprise . . #layer3 #point
Xiaomi released a brand new Mi Rabbit Children’s Phone Watch 3 (4G version), priced at 599 yuan, built-in AI, support intelligent recognition of plant functions 😍💯⌚ Mi Rabbit Children’s Phone Watch 3 supports 4G networking + nine-fold positioning, which not only makes the call clearer, but also makes the positioning more reliable. @xiaomiindia @xiaomi.global @leijun_xiaomi #4g
– Client: The Flower Collection Books Market: Children’s Books Website: www.theflowercollectionbooks If you are seriously ready to invest in properly marketing your business. Let’s discuss working together. Click the link in bio to signup for a marketing strategy call. follow @eastlakemarketinggroup for daily marketing advice #marketing101 #cashflow
It should be an experience, not a soul-destroying process of question after question, test after test, interview after interview. It’s time for recruitment to become human again. Long, boring application forms might be OK for government work, but they kill innovation!
WOW I still cannot believe it! I’ve finally been given the all clear to announce the AMAZING news! • What an honour it is being SHORTLISTED for YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR in just 7 months since the launch of Visdea! • Its not about winning, it’s just an amazing feeling being recognised for something you’ve put your all in! • I did NOT come from an academic background at all and I did NOT go UNI. But what I did have was passion, a dream which I chased and worked hard for. Now just 7 months in from launch I am shortlisted with 7 other amazing young entrepreneurs around the country for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award! [...]
What percent of your company are you giving up when raising $1M on a $4.5M pre-money valuation? How do you respond? . You have an idea that will change the world and we want to help you. Navigating the venture capital world is difficult and confusing. Join our vetted international community to learn how to go from idea to funding. We cover topics such as pitch decks, financial modeling, marketing, product development, and storytelling. You will get funded faster with better investors on better terms. We are the world’s #1 international community to help you go from idea to funding. . . . . . #software
#pwitbayarea Less than 4 days from today is #pwitsf July event on July 25th hosted by Anaplan. Interested in learning more about Diversity and Inclusion? Hiring? A career in Tech? Finding a job in Tech? Grab your tickets today to join us next week: https://bit.ly/2JSyFji Event is open to all in TECH/ STEM. Introducing our confirmed panelist: Dr. Shadi Rostami, VP of Engineering – Palo Alto Networks Dr. Shadi Rostami is VP of engineering at Palo Alto Networks. In this role, she overseas development and operation of PANW cloud product lines. These product lines are an integral part of Palo Alto Networks platforms which leverage big data processing, data science and virtualization in a highly distributed system to detect and [...]
#repost @financialtimes • • • • • Welcome to the $900bn market cap club Amazon. The e-commerce giant briefly became only the second company after Apple to cross this market value milestone on Wednesday after its shares rose as much as 0.8% at a record $1,858.88. The two tech titans have been locked in a months-long race to see which of them will become the first listed company to achieve a market cap of $1tn. At their session highs on Wednesday, Amazon boasted a market value of $902bn while Apple stood at just under $943bn Read more at FT.com #economy
[NEWS!] FLAGSHIP DARI #meizu YAITU MEIZU 16 DAN 16 PLUS AKAN DILUNCURKAN PADA TANGGAL 8 AGUSTUS! Setelah beberapa hari ini, beredar foto yang menunjukkan skor AnTuTu dari meizu 16. Hari ini, tanggal pelucuran secara resmi sudah ditetapkan yaitu 1 hari sebelum Flagship dari #samsung yaitu Note 9 akan diumumkan. Flagship dari meizu ini menawarkan 2 varian yaitu MEIZU 16 DAN MEIZU 16 PLUS. Perbedaan anatara keduanya masih belum diketahui karena informasi mengenai #smartphone ini sangat minim. Tapi CEO dari perusahaan ini menyatakan bahwa tipe MEIZU 16 PLUS akan mendapatkan fitur in-display Fingerprint. Oleh sebab itu, dapat dipastikan bahwa MEIZU 16 PLUS tidak akan membuat tempat terpisah untuk pemindaian sidik jari. Berdasarkan foto asli MEIZU 16/16 Plus yang beredar, kita sudah [...]
Starbucks es una de las empresas líderes en brindar una excelente experiencia de compra debido a que enfoca toda su estrategia de negocio en las necesidades de su cliente 🙌🏻 – – – Recuerda que tenemos un webinar sobre los fundamentos en #userexperience ¡Regístrate en el enlace puesto en nuestra biografía! ⬆️ . . . 4followback ñadorgrafico
Friday night “let it sink” truth bomb!⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ What could be the best circumstances from an outsider perspective could mean failure to the person living it and vice versa.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Success and accomplishment are an inside assessment!⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ The internal fuel is the unwavering faith that it will happen no matter what!⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #impostorsyndrome ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
Looking forward to meeting you all at this sold out event! 🗣@ish.comm, is coming with the 🔥🔥We all know there’s  balance⚖️, then there’s fulfillment🙋🏾‍♀️, how do you manage both? Let’s talk about it Saturday! • The #fearlessconference is a two-day conference inspiring women to live fulfilled, confident, bold lives while making a positive impact on the world! _____________________________________________________________ #fearless _____________________________________________________________ #fearless
Tenemos nueva imagen para ofrecer nuestros servicios y productos con la misma calidad de siempre. Somos Nextsoft de Software @nextsoft_ve www.next-soft.com NEXTSOFT CASA DE SOFTWARE C.C Palacio de los eventos Maracaibo planta alta Local M33, Lunes a de 8:30am a 12:30pm y de 2pm a 5pm Teléfono: 0414-696.76.63
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Here we present the Doodle Maker as a part of the Stemrobo Vibromotor Course taught under the guidance of a Stemrobo Innovation Engineer at one of our associated schools. Fact: Sound comes from vibrations. These vibrations create sound waves which move through mediums such as air and water before reaching our ears. Our ears vibrate in a similar way to the original source of the vibration, allowing us to hear many different sounds. 🚧 #electropreneur #voltage
Check this incredible special edition Xbox One X Deadpool Limited Edition that you can win from Microsoft (check their Twitter account for more details). Do you like this custom edition? Do you prefer custom Xbox and PS4 console editions or the standard ones? _____________________________________ Follow @9techeleven for more gaming posts _____________________________________ #ps4 #playstation4 #deadpool2 #gadget
Don’t get washed away. 🌊 You always need to keep your eyes out in an ever changing world, but knowing whether one idea will be better becomes a little tricky especially when they are still new. • Give everything a little time after they wash ashore to see if they’re ‘sticking’, ask others about them, learn from their opinions, try it out and form your own. • Then you may find something which scratches that itch and keep on innovating in your niche. • Follow for more: 👋 @unicornbooksco 👋 • #amazonfba • 📷 Reinis Birznieks on Unsplash
Habits exist because it gives us security that the future will behave like the past. Habits are highly determined pathways built of the reinforcement of certain variables. Free will allows us to break the conditioning of our surrounding and past experiences. . . . . . . . ——————————————————————————— #psychedelic #neworleans #invest #downtownnola
#va and #ibmwatson Health Extend Partnership to Support Veterans With #cancer: @IBM Watson and Veterans Affairs extended partnership will be using AI to help interpret cancer data in the treatment of Veteran patients Visit our official website to read more, link in bio. or like our facebook page – TechGenYZ https://www.techgenyz.com Download our app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.techgenyz.techgenyz #followforfollow
NO NECESITAS APARENTAR LO QUE NO ERES👌 . Entiendo que estamos en una época de la humanidad plagada de reality shows y redes sociales, en donde muchos se preocupan más por cambiar su Smartphone 📱 que por cambiar su mentalidad…. . En donde te preocupas más por aparentar que por ser🤦‍♂️… de ahí la pérdida de valores, de ahí el vacío existencial que no te deja dormir en las noches… . Estamos en un tiempo donde te meten en la cabeza👉🏼😊 que debes preocuparte más por ser importante y famoso que por ser útil, donde gastas 3 pesos para alimentar tu espíritu y millones en mantener tu físico…. . Aun no entiendo😒 como alguien puede considerarse popular o famoso en [...]
아마존 시총이 약 1000조원에 육박. @financialtimes – Welcome to the $900bn market cap club Amazon. The e-commerce giant briefly became only the second company after Apple to cross this market value milestone on Wednesday after its shares rose as much as 0.8% at a record $1,858.88. The two tech titans have been locked in a months-long race to see which of them will become the first listed company to achieve a market cap of $1tn. At their session highs on Wednesday, Amazon boasted a market value of $902bn while Apple stood at just under $943bn Read more at FT.com
Este viernes 20 de julio ¿Quien Sabe? Cualquier cosa puede pasar Te esperamos con grandes promociones Barra libre 🆓 ( para ellas) Hasta agotar stock 3×20 en chelas🍻 (hasta agotar stock) Dj en cabina 🔊Sebastián Sánchez Dirección : calle Paraguay #379 con 29 de Dic / Urb el recreo . . . . #perú
A free internet means: better ways to make money as an entrepreneur, access to all of the information you could desire, equality in the business environment and so much more. Saving the net means more than allowing the people to view what they want; it is about preserving the data stored on the network. It’s about the freedom to connect with anyone in the world or advertise what you want without being censored. Net Neutrality is one of the major battles being fought in our time period. It is the people’s last hope for a future, as it is the last place where everyone has a voice. We see the problem and we want to give the people hope. HyperionX is being developed for [...]
Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. Take that huge step and begin to earn over $30000 weekly with a minimum investment of $2500. This is 100% real and all you have to do is: – open your brokerage account – Login and fund your account – Provide me with your login details so I can start trading for you – Accessibility to your account is available 24/7 so you can monitor my trading Here are the possible earnings in 5 trading days – $700 = $6500 – $1000 = $11000 – $1500 = $17000 – $2000 = $24000 I am [...]
Powstaje God of War 2 Informacja pochodzi z oficjalnej strony twórców produkcji. Zespół poszukuje specjalisty – artysty koncepcyjnego – który zaprojektuje nowe postaci, przedmioty, stworzenia i bogów. Czy znów nam przyjdzie być Bogiem wojny? #infogame Dla zasięgu: żyna źmin #godofwar #2
Today Dublin witnessed the launch of @smldublin. Did you see the pink gang? Social media live is a showcase of all things NOW in the social media space all the latest technology that is changing social Media. Will you be there on the 25th of October in the RDS to witness it LIVE To get your early bird tickets visit www.socialmedialive.ie #socialmedia
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What starts out as impossible is suddenly made possible by every effort made forward. Break your goals into sprints and recharge at each goal met. If you’re lucky the sprints never end 😅 #multisensory #neuroscience #brain #senses #perception #makeadifference #memory #researchsolutions #london #uk #subconscious #science #tech #art #retail
I saw a quote today that said something like - the rule for success is not to share everything that you know. Do you agree or disagree with that statement? ______ Call me crazy, but I seriously believe that we reap what we sow. Give more, receive more. It blows my mind when people withhold information, tips or resources. Everything that you see on this page are tips, tools, and strategies that I do myself. What are your thoughts on this subject matter? 👇🏻 #jpublicist
Creativity is all about figuring out different possibilities! ✨ With many games to offer, Smart Lumies app has you covered and every child will find their own favorite game. 👌🏼☺️ . . . #smartlumies #edtech #playtech
Hoy es jueves de recordar #tbt 2Do aniversario de la Guaira electrónica en Playón lounge Quién se acuerda de este gran evento ???? Gran noche con más de 8 dj,s del mejor Booking del estado Vargas casi 1000 mil personas y las que quedaron afuera ahí se demostró que éramos escuchado y si había apoyo! Con unión , esfuerzo y dedicación se logran muchas cosas esperemos pronto podamos volver todos para seguir dándole buenos espectáculo como a ustedes les gusta SOMOS LA GUAIRÁ ELECTRÓNICA UN MOVIMIENTO NO UNA MODA! . . . #djs #djlife #potograpy #movimientourbano #techno #minimal #deep #mascultura #dj #music #electrónica #deep #tech #techno #deeptech #pioneer #traktor #serato #producer #abletonlive #trujilloperu #lg #2doaniversario #marketin #laguairaelectronica #playonlounge #vargainside
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Three of my favorite people. This photo was taken during one of our tech rehearsals for "Les Pardon" and believe it or not, there's no filter on it! I was told by @omgthecourt and @its_your_day_va that I should start using hashtags on my post so I am easier to find... so here goes! #theater #tech #lesmiserables #lespardon #stage #acting #wolverine #dance #sing #originalplay #sherlockholmes #tarzan #indianajones #friends #sibling #love #runningoutofhashtagideas thanks guys! ;)
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Nothing like a solid Thursday huddle to push you through 'til Friday 👩🏻💻👨🏽💻👩🏼💻 #rshq