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🎶Aqui estoy con mi barrio listo a hacer feria, Cartel cypress hill esta en tu area, Colectando queso alla en mexico, Donde el sol quema duro y baja despacio, Tengo mis camaradas y todos tambien, Tengo una mansion en tierra que mide cien, Y todos se den cuenta vengo a hacer transas🎶
MITOS RELACIONADOS CON EL VERANO…🌞. 1️⃣ Mito 1: Las bebidas frías son indigestas❄️… El cuerpo necesita ese aporte de frío para regular su temperatura, e hidratarse en verano siempre es una buena idea(Tampoco hay que excederse👀). 2️⃣ Mito 2: El helado es digestivo🍦…El helado🍨 tiene algunas cualidades nutricionales, pero facilitar la digestión no es una de ellas🙅🏻‍♀️. 3️⃣ Mito 3: El corte de digestión… “si nos metemos en agua fría después de comer, nuestra digestión se interrumpe”… NO❗️, la digestión no se interrumpe, a lo que se refieren es el hidrocución⬇️. Si nuestro cuerpo está muy caliente porque hemos estado horas tostándonos al sol, y nos metemos de golpe en agua fría la diferencia de temperaturas puede provocarnos un choque [...]
Traveling to Oregon may have been short but put a lot of things into perspective. These are always values I held but didn’t practice daily. One was to be kind – always. Living in Chicago you sometimes forget to with the hustle of city life. Another one was to embrace living in the moment and not obsess over what the future holds. With that being said, I’m excited to see what adventures lie ahead. #stopandsmelltheflowers . . . #lavenderfields
An overcast vacation day in #obx is better than most any other days. I may have to skip swimming in the water today but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun. Today’s selection was sourced and roasted by @roselinecoffee out of Portland, Oregon. Let’s see what’s going on with El Roble. The aroma is bursting with honeyed-apple, nutmeg, and what reminds me of the date and almond character of a chocolate chip @rxbar. First impressions of the cup include mild pipe tobacco, drizzle of dark chocolate, and caramel. Floral honey quality of sweet alyssum highlight Gala apple slices with powdered hazelnut/almond blend and nutmeg over brioche bread spring to my mind. The drying finish ties together the chocolate, [...]
New travel blogs available from my trip to Kearney, NE! Each year I venture out West for good food and good fun with friends new and old, and this year was the best yet! Visit nocoastfoodie.com/travel for more details! . @youneshospitality @statewideems
Middelfart gefällt uns richtig gut 💙 Gestern haben wir nachmittags das tolle Wetter am Strand genossen. 🏖️ Es gibt davon hier unheimlich viele, auch viele für Kinder geeignete. Das Schöne war, dass der Strand auch gar nicht überlaufen war. Problemlos einen schönen Platz nah am Wasser gefunden. Nur die Quallen waren der Kleinen nicht geheuer 😄 ▫️▫️▫️ #dänemark
Vegas Trip! Was in Vegas this past week. Only worked out two of the days I was there. I had a great time! It rained a few of those days weirdly enough but it did make it much cooler. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to spend time with friends. I didn’t take too many pictures but at least I captured one of my “going out” outfits. It’s so rare for me to dress up even this much lol. I’m happy to see my workouts and diet paying off in a non-gym clothes. Going back to the grind and boy do I miss Vegas. Happy Tuesday everyone!
Naa ihr Lieben wer ist auch schon urlaubsreif? 🌴 Also ich wäre jetzt super gerne mit einer Kokosnuss am Strand 😍 Bis zu meinem Urlaub muss ich mich aber noch etwas gedulden. Wie siehts bei Euch aus? Fahrt ihr irgendwo hin oder macht ihr Euch an den deutschen Badeseen schöne Tage? 🌞🌴 Credit: @koku_ny
With Summer holidays in full force we want to give you a few helpful hints to help you get back into work mode after a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Plan Your Re-entry to Reality: Feeling prepared helps with motivation, so pack your lunch the night before and lay out your outfit. Visualize your first day back with high energy and check your calendar so you’re prepared. Sleep: A good night’s sleep will give you the energy and positive mindset you need to conquer the day ahead. Give Yourself Comfort: Plan a lunch break with your favourite coworkers at your favourite restaurant, wear your comfy shoes and listen to some feel good tunes to get yourself motivated to get back into [...]
I should be en route for Melbourne at this very moment but my body is saying no. So looks like it’s #staycation or a short getaway this weekend. Worked way too many days in a row and my body was screaming stop. So now it’s getting pampered. Doing the Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask. But I managed to get some in my whiskers….I have a feeling it’s gonna hurt when I peel it off! #exhausted
Salmão!! Aquele salmão de verdade sabe?! Que tem coloração natural, água muitooo gelada, nada contra a correnteza e tem q fugir dos ursos?! Sim aqui você encontra este tipo pra comer. E não é um aquário é o vidro de uma hidroelétrica por onde eles passam subindo uma correnteza e é possível ver. Eles ajudam os peixes bebês em alguns processos mas são todos selvagens e eles se orgulham muito por isso. E não existe apenas um tipo de salmão mas vários!!
Not much has changed, And yet everything has Since this photo was taken. I was Sixteen years old. On vacation in Laguna Beach with my girl, Jen and my parents. They used to come to Laguna yearly. It was “their place.” You know the kind – Where you know and love so many people, And they love you right back? This was their favorite spot. And they’d enjoy themselves even more without a concern if They brought me along this one time. So I brought one of my dearest friends @jnieborg. We had our own room. It felt fancy and so very beautiful. There were signs on the patios that read: “DON’T FEED THE BIRDS,” But we couldn’t help ourselves! [...]
Naa ihr Lieben wer ist auch schon urlaubsreif? 🌴 Also ich wäre jetzt super gerne mit einer Kokosnuss am Strand 😍 Bis zu meinem Urlaub muss ich mich aber noch etwas gedulden. Wie siehts bei Euch aus? Fahrt ihr irgendwo hin oder macht ihr Euch an den deutschen Badeseen schöne Tage? 🌞🌴 Credit: @koku_ny
☀️🏝☀️ TRAVEL SIZES ARE BACK!! ☀️🏝☀️ Our regimen travel sizes are the MOST requested item! And for the second time..they’re here!! After being sick for 12+ days I was SHOCKED they’re still available!! Don’t miss out on these TSA approved travel sizes regimens..while supplies last!! 🍹🏖🍹 . . . #limitededition
Hospedagem no Rio de Janeiro com preços secretos somente para quem curte nossa fan page do Facebook. Peça seu desconto agora e venha curtir a Cidade Maravilhosa. Válido para segundo semestre. Consulte disponibilidade, regras e condições. #hóspede #diversao