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    Facebook has announced that it will remove its Ad Relevance Score as part of a broader switch to more granular, relevant ad metrics to help improve performance. πŸ“ˆ Λ™ As per Facebook: “Rather than measure relevance in one metric, over the next few months, we will replace relevance score with three new, more granular ad relevance diagnostics metrics. Similar to relevance score, these ad relevance diagnostics are not factored into an ad’s performance in the auction. We think that this level of granularity will offer reporting that’s more actionable for businesses.” πŸ“‘ Λ™ The idea behind the score was to help advertisers create better ads, using Facebook’s insights, and to improve ad performance. πŸ“Š Λ™ But Facebook now says that the single metric doesn’t provide enough actionable insight, which is why its switching to a more detailed measurement option. βœ”οΈ Λ™ The new metrics which will be provided are: Λ™ πŸ”˜ Quality ranking – How your ad’s perceived quality compared with ads competing for the same audience. πŸ”˜ Engagement rate ranking – How your ad’s expected engagement rate compared with ads competing for the same audience. πŸ”˜ Conversion rate ranking – How your ad’s expected conversion rate compared with ads that had the same optimization goal and competed for the same audience. Λ™ The extra detail will enable more specific focus on each element of your ad – creative, targeting and post-click – to help focus on the key areas to improve, which will help advertisers better understand their relative campaign performance. πŸ“‰ Λ™ In addition to this, Facebook is also removing six ad metrics, and replacing them with more actionable data points. Those being removed are: πŸ”˜ Offers Saved and Cost Per Offers Saved πŸ”˜ Messaging Replies and Cost per Messaging Reply πŸ”˜ Mobile App Purchase ROAS and Web Purchase ROAS Λ™ The changes are designed to provide more beneficial insight based on feedback from Facebook advertisers and how they’re actually using